Synthesis and characterisation of porous titania-silica composite aerogel for NO<inf>x</inf> and acetaldehyde removal

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Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 2016, 16 (5), pp. 4505 - 4511
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Copyright © 2016 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved. In this study, the synthesis of porous titania-silica (TiO2-SiO2) composite aerogel at ambient pressure by using non-hazardous chemicals as a source of silica was investigated. TiO2-SiO2 composite aerogels were characterised and their photocatalytic performances were investigated for the removal efficiency of acetaldehyde and NOx under UV light. Results showed that porous composite aerogel with aggregated morphology, high surface area and an increased mesoporosity were formed. TiO2-SiO2(1.8) composite, with high Ti/Si ratio, showed the best results in terms of photocatalytic removal of acetaldehyde and nitrogen oxide.
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