An incremental interval Type-2 neural fuzzy Classifier

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Conference Proceeding
IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, 2015, 2015-November
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© 2015 IEEE. Most real world classification problems involve a high degree of uncertainty, unsolved by a traditional type-1 fuzzy classifier. In this paper, a novel interval type-2 classifier, namely Evolving Type-2 Classifier (eT2Class), is proposed. The eT2Class features a flexible working principle built upon a fully sequential and local working principle. This learning notion allows eT2Class to automatically grow, adapt, prune, recall its knowledge from data streams in the single-pass learning fashion, while employing loosely coupled fuzzy sub-models. In addition, eT2Class introduces a generalized interval type-2 fuzzy neural network architecture, where a multivariate Gaussian function with uncertain non-diagonal covariance matrixes constructs the rule premise, while the rule consequent is crafted by a local non-linear Chebyshev polynomial. The efficacy of eT2Class is numerically validated by numerical studies with four data streams characterizing non-stationary behaviors, where eT2Class demonstrates the most encouraging learning performance in achieving a tradeoff between accuracy and complexity.
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