Efficient, high directivity, large front-to-back-ratio, electrically small, near-field-resonant-parasitic antenna

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IEEE Access, 2013, 1 pp. 16 - 28
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Enhancements of the directivity and front-to-back ratio (FTBR) of a metamaterial-inspired electrically small, linearly polarized, coaxially-fed Egyptian axe dipole antenna are considered. They are accomplished with a particular augmentation of the original near-field-resonant-parasitic (NFRP) antenna with an additional NFRP element, a small disc conductor modified with two meanderline-shaped slots. The entire system is evaluated numerically with two independent computational electromagnetics simulators. The optimized results demonstrate an electrically small antenna (i.e., ka < 1:0) with a reasonably low profile (i.e., height ̃ λ=10) that improves the directivity from 1.77 to 6.32 dB, increases the FTBR from 0 to >20 dB, and maintains large half-power beamwidths, while having a radiation efficiency over 80% with nearly complete matching to a 50 source. © 2013 IEEE.
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