Analysis of CMC-Supported Embankments Considering Soil Arching

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Conference Proceeding
Geotechnical Special Publication, 2016, 2016-January (265 GSP), pp. 286 - 293
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© ASCE. In this paper, the behaviour of geosynthetic-reinforced controlled modulus column-supported embankments is studied for different distributions of loadings induced by arching on the load transfer platform (LTP). This study proposes a mechanical model for idealising the response of LTP-soft soil-column system, by representing each sub-system using commonly used mechanical elements such as rough-elastic membrane, beam, and spring. The soil arching effect is incorporated in the model to determine the deflection of the soft soil as well as mobilised tension in the geosynthetics more accurately. The effects of the column stiffness and consolidation of saturated soft soils are also incorporated in the model. Moment and shear force in the LTP, tension developed in the geosynthetics, and settlements of the improved soft ground are predicted using the proposed model. To evaluate the proposed model, a parametric study is conducted to investigate the influence of different pressure distribution due to different arching theories. It is observed that the pattern of distribution of the arching loads affect the performance of controlled modulus column-supported embankments significantly.
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