Multiband and Multichannel Aggregation for High-Speed Wireless Backhaul: Challenges and Solutions

John Wiley & Sons
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Backhauling/Fronthauling for Future Wireless Systems, 2017, pp. 167 - 194
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High-speed and long-range wireless backhaul is a cost-effective alternative to a fibre network. The ever-increasing demand for high-speed broadband services mandates higher spectral efficiency and wider bandwidth to be adopted in wireless backhauls. As the wireless mobile networks evolve toward the fifth generation, employing higher-order modulation and performing multiband and multichannel aggregation for wireless backhauling have become industry trends. However, commercially available wireless backhaul systems do not meet the requirements for both high speed and long range at the same time. In this chapter, the various system architectures for multiband and multichannel aggregation are discussed. The challenges for achieving high-speed wireless transmission in multiband and multichannel systems are addressed. These challenges include how to improve spectrum efficiency and power efficiency, how to prevent inter-channel interference and how to ensure low latency, in-order packet delivery and load balance. Various technical solutions are provided with detailed explanations, illustrations and simulation and experimental results.
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