Making sense of project value from a value-co-creation perspective: an exploratory conceptual framework

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Conference Proceeding
Procedia Computer Science, 2016, pp. 271 - 286 (15)
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This paper proposes a conceptual framework to make sense of how project value is created in projects. We study the extant project management value creation literature using a value co-creation lens based on service-dominant (S-D) logic. We explore how project value is proposed, exchanged and then realized following a project life-cycle. This leads to the identification of an exploratory “value co-creation life-cycle” framework. This framework shows value as a whole transcends the limitation of measurable products value normally used to define the project value. In particular, it shows how operant resources (or actors) - typically referred to as stakeholders - within the project management system exchange services and integrate resources in order to co-create value. The exploratory framework, in turn, would enable future investigation of real projects with the view to unpacking the complex dynamic behavior of project value creation.
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