Glass breaks : from nickel sulfide inclusions

national Glass Association
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Journal Article
Glass Magazine, 2006, 56 (10), pp. 64 - 70
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Interest in nickel sulfide inclusions in glass dates to the 1960s. In recent years theoretical studies onthe phase changes in nickel sulfide from a combination of thermal analyses, x-ray powder diffraction and Raman spectroscopy using reagent-grade chemicals have provided significant insight into its transformation behaviour in laboratory conditions. The glass industry's attention has focussed o both the failure mechanisms of toughened glass panels containing nickel sulfide inclusions and the search for post-processing remedial methods. This paper reviews both theoretical and practical aspects of dealing with nickel sulfide in toughened glass and proposes a two-stage heat treatment model to ensure recrystallisation followed by growth of beta- nickel sulfide grains from the precursor x-nickel sulfide polycrystalline inclusions.
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