An etymological and metamodel-based evaluation of the terms "goals and tasks" in agent-oriented methodologies

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Journal Article
Journal of Object Technology, 2005, 4 (2), pp. 131 - 150
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Agent-oriented methodologies frequently make use of terms such as goal and task but do so in an inconsistent manner. We seek to rationalize the use of these terms by undertaking an etymological and metamodel-based analysis of a significant number of these AO methodologies and recommend that the word task be avoided; instead, the word action could be usefully employed to describe the work done to achieve a goal or subgoal. We also note that the notion of subgoal is ambiguous in either being an interim goal along the path of achievement of the main (final or overall) goal or, alternatively, a portion/part of the goal whose achievement contributes (at the same instant in time) to the achievement of the overall goal. If we accept subgoal for the former meaning, then we suggest "goal part" for the latter.
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