Can maturity models support cyber security?

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Conference Proceeding
2016 IEEE 35th International Performance Computing and Communications Conference, IPCCC 2016, 2017
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© 2016 IEEE. We are living in a cyber space with an unprecedented rapid expansion of the space and its elements. All interactive information is processed and exchanged via this space. Clearly a well-built cyber security is vital to ensure the security of the cyber space. However the definitions and scopes of both cyber space and cyber security are still not well-defined and this makes it difficult to establish sound security models and mechanisms for protecting this space. Out of existing models, maturity models offer a manageable approach for assessing the security level of a system or organization. The paper first provides a review of various definitions of cyber space and cyber security in order to ascertain a common understanding of the space and its security. The paper investigates existing security maturity models, focusing on their defining characteristics and identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Finally, the paper discusses and suggests measures for a sound and applicable cyber security model.
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