Enhancement strategies for hydrogen production from wastewater: A review

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Journal Article
Current Organic Chemistry, 2016, 20 (26), pp. 2744 - 2752
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© 2016 Bentham Science Publishers. This mini review focuses on the current developments in the field of dark fermentation technologies using wastewater as carbon and nutrient source in batch reactors. Besides, the major microbiota (pure, enriched mixed, co and mixed cultures) involved in the process have been emphasized. Additionally, problems associated with the lower production performances and the overcoming strategies applied to enhance the production rate (HPR) and yield (HY) bybio-augmentation, immobilization, enrichment technique and nano particles (NP) addition were also discussed. This mini review provides more insights about the recent developments in the dark fermentative hydrogen production (DHFP) process and their advantages in a brief manner. The perspective towards the development of sustainable society by using bioH2 technology is enlightened.
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