Investigating interdisciplinary collaboration: Case studies in art and technology

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Quality and Impact of Qualitative Research: QualIT 2006, Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Qualitative Research in IT and IT in Qualitative Research, 2006, pp. 173 - 183
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In order to understand how collaboration between people from different disciplines takes place, research is being undertaken in the area of art and technology. The paper describes two studies of collaboration between artists and technologists drawn from the COSTART (COmputer SupporT for ARTists) project, an artist-inresidency programme that provided a platform for studying the creative process. The paper describes how the research was carried out and, in particular, how the data analysis was conducted using a coding scheme developed specifically for this context. Finally, the preliminary findings are discussed and future work is proposed. [Yun Zhang and Linda Candy] © 2006.
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