Creating a visual interface for navigating large UDDI business registries

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Proceedings of the International Conference on Internet Computing, 2003, 1 pp. 174 - 180
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This paper introduces a framework of a 2D visual interface for interactive navigating of UDDI Business Registries to discover appropriate services for the service requester among the available Web Services. By creating a 2D interactive visual interface, users are able to visually navigate through the large information hierarchies that are usually used to present the UDDI Business Registries, instead of using the traditional keywords or click-through searching methodologies which are often inefficient and less obvious. Several visualization techniques can be employed to achieve this objective, Image-Map used in this case. A simplified web-based UDDI business registry prototype with visual interface has been developed by using some open source technologies, such as, MySQL for backend data source layer, Apache HTTP server with PHP for business logic layer and dynamic Image-Map visualization with XHTML and client side scripting language JavaScript for presentation layer.
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