A web-based interactive visual component for online collaborative business process management

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Conference Proceeding
Proceedings of the International Conference on Internet Computing, 2003, 1 pp. 153 - 159
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This paper describes a web-based interactive visual component for supporting online collaborative business process management. This component supports not only the outputs of visual information but also the input of visual information interactively. Most of traditional web-based visualizations are only used for viewing information and they are not interactive. They focused on how rich graphics could simplify the cognition process in understanding information, but they paid less attention on how to use visualizations as an interface for input and output of information. Most traditional web-based visual components are unable to send input information from web clients to web servers, especially when network firewalls or proxies exist between the web clients and the web server. The web-based interactive visual component introduced in the paper employs a HTTP-based communication module to transfer information from web clients to the web server. The HTTP-based communication module plays the role of the information management infrastructure that receives the information and manages them in an information repository.
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