Measurement of micro synthetic jet actuation using intensity of disturbance

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Conference Proceeding
Proceedings of the 16th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, 16AFMC, 2007, pp. 1236 - 1241
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Synthetic jet actuator (SJA), as a zero-net-mass but non-zero momentum device, has shown great potential in controlling laminar separation caused by adverse pressure gradient in a boundary layer flow. The effectiveness of a SJA has been evaluated in different ways. However, the strategy of using SJAs in controlling boundary layer flow separation is to disturb the boundary layer flow and consequently to accelerate the transition from laminar to turbulence which has greater momentum than laminar flow to resist flow separation. Therefore, the level of disturbance originated by a SJA may be used to evaluate the ability of the SJA to control laminar separation. Intensity of disturbance, originally defined for measuring the 'degree of disturbance' in the external flow in boundary layer theories, has been first time used to quantitatively evaluate the level of disturbance triggered by a SJA. This paper reports the intensity of disturbance triggered by three micro synthetic jet actuators which were installed at three streamwise locations and driven at two forcing frequencies. Quantitatively measured by the intensity of disturbance, the results will show the dependency of the SJA's actuation on the streamwise position, on the forcing frequency and on the forcing amplitude.
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