Another way of thinking: Creativity and Conformity

University of Wales
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Bohemia Erik and Harman Kerry 2007, 'Another way of thinking: Creativity and Conformity', University of Wales, Wales, pp. 1-12.
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A binary ordering of the way we know and understand the world has prevailed since Enlightenment times. In a binary ordering the relationships between dimensions are overlooked thus working to make these divisions appear natural. Rather than understanding creativity and conformity as separate elements, where one is understood as excluding the other, we discuss the potential of examining the relationships that might exist between them. In other words, can creativity produce conformity and can conformity provide the conditions for creativity? Using various case study examples we examine the interrelatedness of creativity and conformity. For example, how might design styles, which are generally understood as creative outcomes, constrain creativity and lead to conformity within the design field? How might artists, an identity usually associated with high levels of creativity, constrain and regulate themselves? Is fashion producing creativity or conformity?
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