The superiority of panel research: a fast food choice modeling case study using online panel research

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Conference Proceeding
ESOMAR Publications, Panel Research Collection 2007, 2007, pp. 1 - 13
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This paper presents a nationwide price optimisation study for a fast-food company s menu in Australia. * We demonstrate the benefits of combining the practicality of online panels with discrete choice modelling. * As discrete choice models involve trade-offs between alternatives, the full set of alternatives for each choice task is best represented using web-based visual choice tasks. * Data solicitation via online panels is not constrained by geography when compared to CATI or face-to-face methods, hence their unique ability to effortlessly capture nationwide representation. * The amount of information in discrete choice experimental output is oftentimes overwhelming and recently the practice has been to present clients with a decision support system (DSS), to simplify the amount of data the user has to deal with when interpreting the results. * The DSS allows the user to simulate price changes and visually appreciate the impact to market share. * We present a state of the art DSS, which dramatically reduces the amount of information users typically deal with when interpreting the output of discrete choice models.
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