Organization-Oriented Analysis of Open Complex Agent Systems

World Scientific Publishing
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Journal Article
International Journal of Intelligent Control and Systems, 2005, 1, 10 (2), pp. 114 - 122
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Organization-oriented analysis acts as the key step and foundation in building organization-oriented methodology (OOM) to engineer multi-agent systems especially open complex agent systems (OCAS). A number of existing approaches target OOM, while they are incompatible with each other, and none of them is available as a solid and practical tool for engineering OCAS. This paper summarizes our investigation in building a unified framework for abstracting and analyzing OCAS organizations. Our organizationoriented framework, referred to as ORGANISED, integrating and expanding existing approaches, explicitly captures the main attributes in an OCAS. Following this framework, individual modelbuilding blocks are developed for all ORGANISED members; both visual and formal specifications are utilized to present an intuitive and precise analysis . The above techniques have been deployed in developing an agent service-based trading and mining support infrastructure.
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