Pathways to posttraumatic stress disorder.

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Trauma-related stress in Australia: Essays by leading Australian thinkers and researchers., 2016, pp. 22 - 26
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Many descriptions and formulations of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder have presented trauma as an experience of intense threat-fear-terror that can (for some) cause lasting psychological injury. This does not capture the full range of traumatising experience that we see clinically and some people do not respond to treatments designed to address fear-threat-terror. We are therefore incorporating the growing literature on moral injury and the valuable model of psychosocial pillars into a more inclusive pathways model that highlights the significance of experiences of horror-shock-injustice-guilt in traumatic injury and the need for this to be accounted for in treatment. We believe that broadening our conceptualisation of PTSD in these ways will serve to better inform the provision of services for people with PTSD as well as help to articulate what clinicians have always implicitly understood.
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