The role of a membrane performance enhancer in a membrane bioreactor: a comparison with other submerged membrane hybrid systems

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Journal Article
Desalination, 2008, 231 (1-3), pp. 305 - 313
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Among the membrane processes, membrane bioreactor (MBR) technologies are becoming an innovative and promising option for wastewater treatment and reuse. In this study the performance of the submerged membrane bioreactor was studied with an addition of MPE50, and it was compared against a sponge submerged membrane bioreactor (SMBR) and submerged membrane adsorption bioreactor (SMABR) in terms of TOC removal, COD removal, ammonium nitrogen (NH4-H) removal, orthophosphate (PO4-P) removal, transmembrane pressure (TMP) and oxygen uptake rate. SMBR with MPE50 addition significantly improved the sustainable flux and reduced membrane fouling. The improvement was better than even in the sponge SMBR system. SMBR with MPE50 achieved a high DOC and COD removal efficiency and NH4-N removal. PO4-P removal concentration of 62% initially which increased with time to over 99% after 7 day operation. In terms of phosphorus removal the sponge SMBR system performed better. OUR measurements showed that there was more microbial activity in the SMBR with MPE50 system. © 2008.
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