Comparison of membrane bioreactor systems in wastewater treatment

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Journal Article
Desalination, 2008, 231 (1-3), pp. 61 - 70
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This study investigated the performance of four different membrane bioreactor (MBR) systems, namely floating media biofilter-crossflow microfiltration (FMB-CFMF) system, submerged membrane bioreactor (SMBR) alone, submerged membrane adsorption bioreactor (SMABR) and sponge-SMBR system, in terms of critical flux. The results indicated that FMB could be used as a pretreatment unit prior to MBR in order to minimize membrane fouling when the FMB-CFMF system operates under sub-critical flux condition. The addition of powdered activated carbon (PAC) could maintain the sustainable flux at a lower TMP value (7.5 kPa). However, irreversible fouling occurred when the filtration flux exceeded the critical flux. The addition of 10% volume (reactor volume) fraction of sponge could increase sustainable flux of SMBR system to 2 times. © 2008.
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