Effect of Photocatalysis on the Membrane Hybrid System for wastewater treatment

Korean Soc Industrial Engineering Chemistry
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Journal Article
Desalination, 2008, 225 (1-3), pp. 1 - 16
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An integrated photocatalysismembrane hybrid system was investigated for wastewater treatment with the main focus on improving the cross flow microfiltration (MF) permeate flux. Photocatalysis with TiO2 (P25 Degussa) suspension as photocatalyst was applied both as pre-treatment and as inline treatment with MF. The TiO2 slurry was found to have significant effect in permeate flux for wastewater with lower dissolved organic carbon concentration. The MF flux decline due to TiO2 slurry cake on the membrane surface was minimized by allowing the TiO2 slurry to settle and by using only the supernatant for further treatment using the hybrid system. The investigation also included the study on the effect of photocatalytic reaction time and the slurry settling times on the MF permeate flux. The irradiation of ultraviolet on the MF surface in presence of TiO2 catalyst in suspension yielded in an increase in permeate flux.
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