Sem investigation of heat treated high-chromium cast irons

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Journal Article
Materials Forum, 2007, 32 pp. 55 - 71
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Two high-chromium white cast irons, with compositions of Fe-25Cr-3.1C-2.0Mn-0.7Si and Fe-25Cr-5.2C-2.1Mn-0.4Si, were cast and subjected to various heat treatments. The microstructures wre investigated using scanning electron microscopy and electron back-scattered diffraction techniques. The microstructure and properties were found to vary profoundly upon the increase in carbon content from 3 to 5%, changing from near-eutectic to hypereutectic and from a ferrous matrix of austenite partially transformed to martensite to one entirely transformed to pearlite. Age hardening followed by rapid cooling produced secondary carbides and a predominantly martensitic matrix in both alloys. © Institute of Materials Engineering Australasia Ltd.
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