Synthesis of versatile tio-reactive polymer scaffolds via RAFT polymerisation

Americal Chemical Society
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Journal Article
Bulmus Volga et al. 2009, 'Synthesis of versatile tio-reactive polymer scaffolds via RAFT polymerisation', Americal Chemical Society, vol. 9, no. 7, pp. 1934-1944.
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Well-defined polymer scaffolds convertible to (multi)functional polymer sturctures via selective and efficient modifications potentially provide an easy, versatile and useful approach for a wide variety of applications. Considering this, a homopolymer scaffold, poly(pyridyldisulfide ethylmethacrylate) (poly(PDSM), having pendant groups selectively reactive with thiols, was synthesized by reversible addition frsagmentation chain rtansfer (RAFT) polymersiation.
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