Direction of Arrival (DOA) and Channel Estimation

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Self-Organized Mobile Communication Technologies and Techniques for Network Optimization, 2016, pp. 216 - 235
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Future fit demand combined with a flexible technical solution that is by latest wireless technology stands for. Estimating of the user's location is going to be an integral system with the upcoming mobile technology. This chapter shows some techniques for estimating the direction of arrival (DOA) with mathematical elaboration and simulation results as well. Estimating the DOA in this chapter is regarded to the purpose of using Smart antenna system. It is possible to estimate the location of a user by considering the uplink transmission system of the mobile communication system. Estimating the channel and accurate path delay is also an important task which might be done by using 1D Uniform Linear Array (ULA) or 2D Uniform Rectangular (URA) array antenna system. In this chapter, 1D ULA is considered in order to utilize some popular techniques. The performance of a communication system between two ends is substantially determined by the behaviors of the channel characteristics. It determines signal transformation while propagating through the channel between receivers and transmitters. Accurate channel information is crucial for both the transmitter and receiver ends to perform their best services. The ultimate focus of this chapter is to estimate the channel based on 2D parameter estimation. Uniform Rectangular Array (URA) is used to perform the 2D parameter estimation. It is possible to estimate Azimuth and Elevation of a source by using URA model.
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