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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Digital Materiality: Digital Fabrication and Hybridity in Graphic DesignSeymour, A
2014Digital media arts as terrain for inter-cultural political activismDahdal, S
30-Oct-2014Digital multimedia archiving based on optimization steganography systemWazirali, RA; Chaczko, Z; Kale, A
2013Digital Natives: Exploring the diversity of young people’s experience with technologyCorrin, L; Bennett, S; Lockyer, L; Huang, R; Kinshuk; Spector, JM
10-Mar-2015Digital Patterns for Heritage and Data Preservation StandardsCarrion Gordon, L; Chaczko, ZC; Borowik, G; Chaczko, Z; Jacak, W; Luba, T
Sep-2015Digital PCR for MRD detection of myelomaMcAuliffe, S; Joshua, D; Brown, R; Catalano, A; Ho, PJ; Nassif, N; Woodland, N; Hart, D; Weatherburn, C; Yang, S; Suen, H; Paul, C; Gibson, J
23-Oct-2016Digital possessions after a romantic break UpHerron, D; Moncur, W; Van Den Hoven, E
Jan-2014Digital preservation strategy: Planning procedure to preserve Critical Information of HeritageCarrion Gordon, L; Chaczko, Z; Carrion, L
Jan-2003Digital reference services: a snapshot of the current practices in Scottish librariesGardiner, D; McMenemy, D; Chowdhury, GG
2011The digital revolution in education: Digital citizenship and multi-literacy of mobile technology usersHanewald, R; Ng, W; Ng, W
Jan-2005Digital robust preview control of path trackingTan, Y; Liu, D; Liu, F; Zhou, ZD
Jan-2011The Digital Root Function For Fibonacci-type SequencesAtanassov, K; Shannon, AG
Jan-2012Digital signature-based authentication framework in cognitive radio networksParvin, S; Hussain, FK; Hussain, O; NA
15-Dec-2011Digital signature-based secure communication in cognitive radio networksParvin, S; Hussain, FK
Jan-2009Digital Sites Performative ViewsMatthews, LM; Perin, GJ
Jan-2012Digital Sites- Performative ViewsPerin, GJ; Matthews, LM; -
Jan-2007Digital storytelling : the narrative power of visual effects in filmMcClean, ST
2011Digital Teaching and Learning Ecosystem (DTLE): A Theoretical Approach for Online Learning Environments.Reyna, JL
13-Jul-2017Digital Technologies and 4D Customised DesignNovak, J; Loy, JE; Bryan, V; Musgrove, A; Powers, J
15-Nov-2017Digital technologies in the science classroom and beyondHilton, A; Hilton, G; Woolcott, G; Whannell, R