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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013A Generalised Arbitrage-free Nelson-siegel Model: The Impact Of Unspanned Stochastic VolatilityChen, R; Du, K
Jan-2011Generalised Extreme Value geoadditive model analysis via variational BayesNevillea, SE; Wand, M; Stein, A; Pebesma, E; Heuvelink, G
Jan-2008Generalised linear mixed model analysis via sequential Monte Carlo samplingFan, Y; Leslie, DS; Wand, M
Jan-2010The generalised multinomial logit model: Accounting for scale and coefficient heterogeneityFiebig, DG; Keane, M; Louviere, JJ; Wasi, N
Jan-2003Generalised space-time model for Rayleigh fading channels with non-isotropic scatterer distributionSmith, DB; Abhayapala, TD
Jan-2003Generalised space-time modelling of the MIMO channel applied to analysing and optimising transmit antenna configurationsSmith, DB; Aubrey, TA; IEEE
Jan-2011Generalization Bound for Infinitely Divisible Empirical ProcessZhang, C; Tao, D; Gordon, G; Dunson, D
Jan-2012Generalization Bounds Of Erm-based Learning Processes For Continuous-time Markov ChainsZhang, C; Tao, D
Jan-1995A Generalization of a Result of D'OcagneMelham, R; Shannon, AG
Jan-2010Generalization of predator recognition: Velvet geckos display anti-predator behaviours in response to chemicals from non-dangerous elapid snakesWebb, JK; Du, W; Pike, D; Shine, R
Jan-1995A Generalization of the Catalan Identity and Some ConsequencesMelham, R; Shannon, AG
Jan-2003Generalization of the coupled dipole method to periodic structuresChaumet, PC; Rahmani, A; Bryant, GW
Jan-2013Generalization Performance Of Magnitude-preserving Semi-supervised Ranking With Graph-based RegularizationPan, Z; You, X; Chen, H; Tao, D; Pang, B
Jan-1999Generalizations of Some Identities of LongMelham, R
Jan-1995Generalizations of Some Simple CongruencesMelham, R; Shannon, AG
Jan-2011Generalizations of the subject-independent feature set for music-induced emotion recognition.Lin, Y-P; Chen, J-H; Duann, J-R; Lin, C-T; Jung, T-P
3-Aug-2017Generalized 2-D Numerical Pattern Synthesis Algorithm for Low Cross Polarization and Low Sidelobe SynthesisChen, SL; Qin, PY; Guo, YJ; Liu, Y; You, P
Jan-2000Generalized additive distributed lag models: quantifying mortality displacementZanobetti, A; Wand, M; Schwartz, J; Ryan, LM
Jan-1974A generalized approach to the treatment of autocorrelationPagan, AR
2004Generalized association rule base and its mining algorithmLi, T; Yang, N; Ma, J