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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Moving from Production to Services: A built environment cluster frameworkCarassus, J; Andersson, N; Kaklauausk, A; Lopes, J; Manseau, A; De Valence, G
Jan-2006Moving from the vote into citizenship: crafting Chinese women's political citizenshipEdwards, LP; Spkowski, N; Milwertz, C
Jan-2004Moving Image- 'Quickness"Gibson, RJ; Wissler, R; Haseman, B; Wallace, S; Keane, M
Jan-2012Moving in Together and Breaking Up: Relationship Dynamics, Social Housing and the Housing Pathways of Low-income AustraliansVizel, I; Hunter, EJ
Jan-2009Moving load analysis of composite beams curved in-planErkmen, E; Bradford, MA; Topping, BHV
Jan-2001Moving on from Joint Management Policy Regimes in Australian National ParksWearing, SL; Huyskens, M
Jan-2006Moving on: the RTBU's public transport blueprint for Sydney - policy paperAtherton, AM; Riedy, C; White, S
Jan-2006Moving on: the RTBU's public transport blueprint for Sydney - summary paperAtherton, AM; Riedy, C; White, S
Jan-2008Moving Perspectives. Building Illusions in the Architecture DrawingSpurr, S; Cha, KH; Rautzenberg, M
Jan-2009Moving policy forward: brain drain as a wicked problemLogue, DM
Jan-2006The moving subject: Shifting work(ers) across and beyond organisational boundariesScheeres, HB; Solomon, N; Billett, S; Fenwick, T; Somerville, M
Jan-2013Moving Tangible Interaction Systems to the Next Levelvan den Hoven, E; van de Garde-Perik, E; Offermans, S; van Boerdonk, K; Lenssen, K
Jan-2012Moving the Marine Genetic Resources Debate Foward: Some ReflectionsLeary, DK
Jan-2005Moving the Matrix: kinesics, space and embodiment in the Matrix trilogyCranny-Francis, A; Gillis, S
Jan-2010A Moving Theory: Remembering the Office of the ScholarBarr, OM
2002Moving to the coast : internal migration and place contestation in Northern New South WalesKijas, JC
2015Moving towards inclusion : servant leadership and the aged care residentIllingworth, Barbara
Jan-2008Moving Towards Unsustainability, A Study of the Chinese Telecommunications RegulationLi, G
Jan-2006A moving type frameworkBachfischer, G; Robertson, TJ; Bachfischer, A; Bojkovic, ZS
16-Feb-2016Moving vehicle detection based on an improved interframe difference and a Gaussian modelLi, W; Yao, J; Dong, T; Li, H; He, X