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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014On Heart Rate Regulation in Cycle-Ergometer ExerciseArgha, A; Su, SW; Lee, S; Nguyen, HT; Celler, BG
2014On Heart Rate Regulation in Cycle-Ergometer ExerciseArgha, A; Su, SW; Lee, S; Nguyen, HT; Celler, BG
Jan-2012On higher ground: moral thinking leads to abstract processingChan, EY; Kim Cho, E; G├╝rhan-Canli, Z; Otnes, C; Zhu, RJ
Jan-2007On Indoor Multi-hopping capacity of Wireless Ad-Hoc Mesh NetworksAbolhasan, M; Wang, J; Franklin, DR; Abolhasan, M; Wang, JCP; Franklin, D
Jan-2012On Information Dissemination in Infrastructure-based Mobile Ad-hoc NetworksMao, G; Sari, H; Duhamel, P; Lorenz, P
Jan-2004On interpretation of graffiti digits and characters for eBooks: Neural-fuzzy network and genetic algorithm approachLeung, K; Leung, FH; Lam, H; Ling, SS
Jan-2012On Isomorphism Testing of Groups with Normal Hall SubgroupsQiao, Y; Sarma, MNJ; Tang, B
Jan-2011On Kernel Information Propagation for Tag Clustering in Social Annotation SystemsXu, G; Zong, Y; Pan, R; Dolog, P; Jin, P; NA
Jan-2006On Minimal Models Of The Region Connection CalculusXia, L; Li, S
12-Mar-2007On Mode Adaptation for MIMO-OFDM-BICM Based on Measured Indoor ChannelsDaniels, G; Suzuki, H; Hedley, M
Jan-2014On Moments of Pitman Estimators: The Case of Fractional Brownian MotionNovikov, A; Kordzakhia, N; Ling, T
Jan-2008On my own; experiences of recovery from acute coronary syndrome for women living aloneGallagher, RD; Marshall, AP; Fisher, M; Elliott, D
Jan-2007On Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for H-Infinity Output Feedback Control of Markov Jump Linear SystemsLi, L; Ugrinovskii, VA
Jan-2006On necessary and sufficient conditions for H-Infinity output feedback control of Markov jump linear systemsLi, L; Ugrinovskii, VA; NA
Jan-2005On New Constructs in ArtEdmonds, EA
Jan-2009On New Constructs in Art: Structure, Time, Correspondences and InteractionEdmonds, EA; Seal, AEA
Jan-2010On nonlinear models of markets with finite liquidity: Some cautionary notesGlover, K; Duck, P; Newton, D
Jan-2001On Not Belonging: Memorials and Memory in sydneyAshton, P; Hamilton, PI
Jan-2005On not speaking: The right to silence, the gagged trial judge and the spectre of child sexual abuseBiber, K
Jan-2010On Optimising Route Discovery for Multi-interface and Power-Aware Nodes in Heterogeneous MANETsAmri, HA; Abolhasan, M; AlAamri, H; Abolhasan, M; Wysocki, T; Lipman, J