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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Behaviour of Timber-concrete Composite Floor SystemsYeoh, D; Fragiacomo, M; Ghafar, A; Buchanan, A; Deam, B; Crews, KI; Gad, E; Wong, B
Jan-2003Behavioural Approach for Multi-Robot ExplorationLau, H; Roberts, J; Wyeth, G
26-Feb-2014Behavioural flexibility allows an invasive vertebrate to survive in a semi-arid environment.Webb, JK; Letnic, M; Jessop, TS; Dempster, T
Jan-2009Behavioural interactions between ecosystem engineers control community species richnessGribben, PE; Byers, JE; Clements, M; McKenzie, L; Steinberg, P; Wright, JJ
Jan-2009Behavioural MisconductThorpe, DE
2-Jan-2017A behavioural model of investor sentiment in limit order marketsChiarella, C; He, XZ; Shi, L; Wei, L
Nov-2014The Behavioural Outcomes of Anxiety scale (BOA): a preliminary validation in stroke survivors.Linley-Adams, B; Morris, R; Kneebone, I
26-Mar-2018Behavioural responses of an Australian colubrid snake (Dendrelaphis punctulatus) to a novel toxic prey item (the Cane Toad Rhinella marina)Llewelyn, J; Choyce, NC; Phillips, BL; Webb, JK; Pearson, DJ; Schwarzkopf, L; Shine, R
Jan-2010Behavioural responses of carnivorous marsupials (Planigale maculata) to toxic invasive cane toads (Bufo marinus)Llewelyn, J; Webb, JK; Schwarzkopf, L; Alford, R; Shine, R
1-Jan-2014Behavioural responses of reptile predators to invasive cane toads in tropical AustraliaPearson, DJ; Webb, JK; Greenlees, MJ; Phillips, BL; Bedford, GS; Brown, GP; Thomas, J; Shine, R
Jan-2015Behavioural responses to predation may explain shifts in community structureHammill, E; Atwood, TB; Corvalan, P; Srivastava, DS
1-May-2011Behavioural responses to vehicle emissions chargingBeck, MJ; Rose, JM; Hensher, DA
1-Dec-2009Behavioural Responses to Vehicle Emissions Charging.Beck, MJ; Rose, J; Hensher, DA
Jan-2006Behavioural trade-offs between growth and mortality explain evolution of submaximal growth ratesBiro, P; Abrahams, MV; Post, JR; Parkinson, EA
1-Nov-2016Behind Glass Doors: The World of Australian Advertising Agencies 1959-1989Crawford, R; Dickinson, J
Jan-2005Behind the changing pattern of industrial disputesPerry, LJ
18-Apr-2012Behind the Purple Curtain. Inside Stories from the High Court of AustraliaKirby, M
1-Oct-2016Behind the Text: Candid Conversations with Australian Creative Nonfiction WritersJoseph, SA
Jan-2002Behind the veil: exploring the recreation needs of Muslim womenTaylor, TL; Toohey, KM
2008Beijing 2008 Olympic Games - An environmental ReviewUNEP Division of Communications and Public Information