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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004Bloch mode scattering matrix methods for modelling extended photonic crystal structures. II: ApplicationsWhite, TP; Botten, LC; de Sterke, CM; McPhedran, RC; Asatryan, AA; Langtry, T
Jan-2009Bloch-Mode Extraction From Near-Field Data In Periodic WaveguidesHa, S; Sukhorukov, AA; Dossou, KB; Botten, LC; de Sterke, CM; Kivshar, Y
Jan-2005Block of voltage-gated potassium channels by Pacific ciguatoxin-1 contributes to increased neuronal excitability in rat sensory neuronsBirinyi-Strachan, LC; Gunning, SJ; Lewis, RJ; Nicholson, GM
6-May-2010Block Spreading for Orthogonal Frequemcy Division Multiple Access SystemsHuang, X; Guo, Y
Jan-2011Block-based neural network for hypoglycemia detectionSan, P; Ling, SS; Nguyen, HT; Technical Committee
Jan-1999Blockade By N-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Of The Kv4.3 Current Stably Expressed In Chinese Hamster Ovary CellsSingleton, C; Valenzuela, S; Walker, BD; Tie, H; Wyse, KR; Bursill, J; Qiu, M; Breit, SN; Campbell, TJ
2014Blockage effects on scouring downstream of box culverts under unsteady flowSorourian, S; Keshavarzy, A; Ball, J; Samali, B
1-Nov-2016Blocking analysis of persistent resource allocations for M2M applications in wireless systemsBrown, J; Afrin, N; Khan, JY
2013Blogging a new life : an analysis of blogs written by recently arrived Hungarian immigrants living in AustraliaPeter, MG
Jan-2007Blogging as Popular History Making, Blogs as Public History: A Singapore Case StudyHo, SS
Jan-2003Blogging to LearnBartlett-Bragg, AE
May-2016Blood flow restricted exercise for athletes: A review of available evidence.Scott, BR; Loenneke, JP; Slattery, KM; Dascombe, BJ
Jan-2008Blood Pressure Estimation with Considering of Stroke volume EffectAl-Jaafreh, M; Al-Jumaily, A; Wickramasinghe, N; Geisler, E
Feb-2016Blood Pressure, Sleep Quality and Fatigue in Shift Working Police Officers: Effects of a Twelve Hour Roster System on Cardiovascular and Sleep Health.Elliott, JL; Lal, S
Jan-2005Blood protein purification and simulaneous removal of nonenveloped viruses using tangential-flow preparative electrophoresisEvtushenko, M; Wang, KY; Stokes, H; Nair, H
2006Blood ties : and 'Kings. what a good idea' : monarchy in epic fantasy fictionFreeman, PE
Jan-2013Blood, Belly, Bile: The Butchershops in MarrickvilleAdelaide, D
1-Jan-2014BloodChIP: a database of comparative genome-wide transcription factor binding profiles in human blood cells.Chacon, D; Beck, D; Perera, D; Wong, JW; Pimanda, JE
Jan-2010Blowin' in Birdland: Improvisation and the Australian pied butcherbirdTaylor, HE
Jan-2010Blowin' in Birdland: Improvisation and the Australian pied butcherbirdTaylor, HE