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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011CIBAM & the Symposium on 'Green Business & Green Values'Pitelis, C; Pitelis, C; Keenan, J; Pryce, V
Jan-2008CIBAM and the Symposium on `Security, Terrorism and Business'Pitelis, C
Jan-2006Cigarette smoke exposure reprograms the hypothalamic neuropeptide Y axis to promote weight lossChen, H; Hansen, M; Jones, JE; Vlahos, R; Bozinovski, S; Anderson, G; Morris, M
Jan-2012Cigarette smoking and brain regulation of energy homeostasisChen, H; Saad, S; Sandow, SL; Bertrand, PP
Jan-2012Cigarette smoking and brain regulation of energy homeostasis.Chen, H; Saad, S; Sandow, SL; Bertrand, PP
Jan-2013Cigarette smoking in adolescents with asthma in Jordan: Impact of peer-led education in high schoolsAl-Sheyab, N; Gallagher, RD; Gallagher, P; Shah, S
Jan-2006Ciguatoxins: Cyclic polyether modulators of voltage-gated Iion channel functionNicholson, GM; Lewis, RJ
-CIIC wrap party-
-CIIC wrap party-
Jan-2014Cilium Adhesin P216 (MHJ_0493) Is a Target of Ectodomain Shedding and Aminopeptidase Activity on the Surface of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniaeTacchi, JL; Raymond, BB; Jarocki, VM; Berry, IJ; Padula, M; Djordjevic, SP
Jan-2004Cinderella has balls? Other sites for adult community educationRooney, DL
Jan-2009The Cinderella of public health news: physical activity coverage in Australian newspapersChau, J; Bonfiglioli, C; Chey, T; Bauman, AE
2007Cinema expression : morphology of the contemporary talePrescott, J
2014Cinematographic shot classification frameworks for movie indexing and retrievalHasan, MA
Jan-2012'Ciphers to this Great Accompt' - the Shakespearian Social Sense-Making of Theatre ProfessionalsOlsson, MR; Widen, G; Holmberg, K
Jan-2013Ciprofloxacin Is Actively Transported across Bronchial Lung Epithelial Cells Using a Calu-3 Air Interface Cell Model.Ong, HX; Traini, D; Bebawy, M; Young, P
Nov-2014Circleator: flexible circular visualization of genome-associated data with BioPerl and SVG.Crabtree, J; Agrawal, S; Mahurkar, A; Myers, GS; Rasko, DA; White, O
Jan-2012Circuit model of laser-triggered surface flashover switch in vacuum condition with pulsed voltagePan, RZ; Wang, YH; Zhao, ZZ; Xu, W; Jin, QL; Wang, J; Sun, GS
2-Sep-2014Circuits of power/knowledgeClegg, S
Jan-2014Circular Economy: Questions for Responsible Minerals, Additive Manufacturing and Recycling of MetalsGiurco, D; Littleboy, A; Boyle, TM; Fyfe, J; White, S