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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Jun-2011Consistently inconsistent: The role of certainty, acceptability and scale in automobile choice.Beck, MJ; Rose, J; Hensher, DA
1-Jan-2013Consistently inconsistent: The role of certainty, acceptability and scale in choiceBeck, MJ; Rose, JM; Hensher, DA
Jan-2004The consolation of optimismCaldwell, PW; Michael, M; Benatar, D
Jan-2010Consolidating diagram types from several agent-oriented methodologiesHenderson-Sellers, B; Hamido Fujita
1-Jan-2012Consolidating the ideas of Boomi tourist accommodation providers into a collective conceptionMetcalfe, M; Hassanli, N
19-May-2011Consolidation in Local Government: A Fresh LookChris Aulich; Melissa Gibbs; Alex Gooding; Peter McKinlay; Stefanie Pillora; Graham Sansom
Jan-2002Conspicuous veils formed by vibrioid bacteria on sulfidic marine sedimentThar, R; Kuhl, M
Jan-2013Conspicuous Waist: Queer Dress in the "Long Eighteenth Century"McNeil, PK; Steele, V
Jan-2008Conspiracy by Unlawful Means: Keeping the Tort UntangledEdmundson, PR
Jan-2011The constancy of global regulation across a species: the concentrations of ppGpp and RpoS are strain-specific in Escherichia coliFerenci, F; Galbiati, HF; Betteridge, T; Phan, K; Spira, B
Jan-2001Constant disturbance rejection and zero steady state tracking error for nonlinear systems designSu, SW; Anderson, B; brinsmead, TS; Biswa Datta
2017A constant struggle : a history of deaf education in New South Wales since World War IIMalone, Naomi Louise
20-Jun-2012Constant travel budgets and kilometres: The impact of deviations on energy use and climate policyLongden, T
2015Constant witness : re-framing images of the Second World WarLewis, H
Jan-2008Constellations of the contemporary: Art / Asia / AustraliaMaravillas, F
Apr-2013Constipation in palliative care: what do we use as definitions and outcome measures?Clark, K; Currow, DC
Jan-2006Constituent of Natural Organic Matter (NOM) and its effect in waterShon, H; Erdei, L; Kim, J
Jan-2007The constitution of ethics: discourse, practice and conflict in a health-care centreSeemann, S; Laske, S; Kornberger, MM; Carter, C; Clegg, S; Kornberger, M; Laske, S; Messner, M
2016The constitution of public sector management workShearer, Christine Bernadette
Jan-2006The constitutional basis of s 447A: Is it a power without limit?Harris, J