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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2012Comparisons of treatment means when factors do not interact in two-factorial studiesWei, J; Carroll, RJ; Harden, KK; Wu, G
1-Jan-2015Competing decay modes of a high-spin isomer in the proton-unbound nucleus &lt;sup&gt;158&lt;/sup&gt;TaCarroll, RJ; Page, RD; Joss, DT; Uusitalo, J; Darby, IG; Andgren, K; Cederwall, B; Eeckhaudt, S; Grahn, T; Gray-Jones, C; Greenlees, PT; Hadinia, B; Jones, PM; Julin, R; Juutinen, S; Leino, M; Leppänen, AP; Nyman, M; O'Donnell, D; Pakarinen, J; Rahkila, P; Sandzelius, M; Sarén, J; Scholey, C; Seweryniak, D; Simpson, J
2-Jan-2016Constrained Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Model Calibration Using Summary-Level Information From External Big Data SourcesChatterjee, N; Chen, YH; Maas, P; Carroll, RJ
1-Sep-2013Controlling the local false discovery rate in the adaptive LassoSampson, JN; Chatterjee, N; Carroll, RJ; Müller, S
1-May-2019Correcting for measurement error in fractional polynomial models using Bayesian modelling and regression calibration, with an application to alcohol and mortalityGray, CM; Carroll, RJ; Lentjes, MAH; Keogh, RH
1-Jun-2017Data integration with high dimensionalityGao, X; Carroll, RJ
21-Oct-2011Density estimation in several populations with uncertain population membershipMa, Y; Hart, JD; Carroll, RJ
1-Nov-2011Distribution of allele frequencies and effect sizes and their interrelationships for common genetic susceptibility variantsPark, JH; Gail, MH; Weinberg, CR; Carroll, RJ; Chung, CC; Wang, Z; Chanock, SJ; Fraumeni, JF; Chatterjee, N
1-Nov-2011Empirical performance of cross-validation with oracle methods in a genomics contextMartinez, JG; Carroll, RJ; Müller, S; Sampson, JN; Chatterjee, N
1-Sep-2017Estimating varying coefficients for partial differential equation modelsZhang, X; Cao, J; Carroll, RJ
1-Jan-2017Estimation and inference of error-prone covariate effect in the presence of confounding variablesLiu, J; Ma, Y; Zhu, L; Carroll, RJ
1-Jul-2016Estimation of radiation risk in presence of classical additive and Berkson multiplicative errors in exposure dosesMasiuk, SV; Shklyar, SV; Kukush, AG; Carroll, RJ; Kovgan, LN; Likhtarov, IA
1-Jan-2017An Evaluation of Accelerometer-derived Metrics to Assess Daily Behavioral PatternsKeadle, SK; Sampson, JN; Li, H; Lyden, K; Matthews, CE; Carroll, RJ
1-Jul-2016Exact sampling of the unobserved covariates in Bayesian spline models for measurement error problemsBhadra, A; Carroll, RJ
16-Feb-2011Fitting a bivariate measurement error model for episodically consumed dietary componentsZhang, S; Krebs-Smith, SM; Midthune, D; Perez, A; Buckman, DW; Kipnis, V; Freedman, LS; Dodd, KW; Carroll, RJ
1-Sep-2017Frequentist standard errors of Bayes estimatorsLee, DH; Carroll, RJ; Sinha, S
1-Mar-2012A functional generalized method of moments approach for longitudinal studies with missing responses and covariate measurement errorYi, GY; Ma, Y; Carroll, RJ
1-Mar-2018Functional multiple indicators, multiple causes measurement error modelsTekwe, CD; Zoh, RS; Bazer, FW; Wu, G; Carroll, RJ
1-Jun-1997Generalized Partially Linear Single-Index ModelsCarroll, RJ; Fan, J; Gijbels, I; Wand, MP
1-Mar-2014The healthy eating Index-2010 is a valid and reliable measure of diet quality according to the 2010 dietary guidelines for AmericansGuenther, PM; Kirkpatrick, SI; Reedy, J; Krebs-Smith, SM; Buckman, DW; Dodd, KW; Casavale, KO; Carroll, RJ