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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Apr-2019Forecasting the development of explosive leg power in youth soccer playersBennett, N; Woodcock, S; Pluss, MA; Bennett, KJM; Deprez, D; Vaeyens, R; Lenoir, M; Fransen, J
28-Aug-2019The impact of inter-flood duration on non-cohesive sediment bed stabilityOckelford, A; Woodcock, S; Haynes, H
1-May-2018Improving the prediction of maturity from anthropometric variables using a maturity ratioFransen, J; Bush, S; Woodcock, S; Novak, A; Baxter-Jones, ADG; Deprez, D; Vaeyens, R; Lenoir, M
1-Apr-2007Modeling taxa-abundance distributions in microbial communities using environmental sequence dataSloan, WT; Woodcock, S; Lunn, M; Head, IM; Curtis, TP
1-Apr-2013Modelling the effects of dispersal mechanisms and hydrodynamic regimes upon the structure of microbial communities within fluvial biofilmsWoodcock, S; Besemer, K; Battin, TJ; Curtis, TP; Sloan, WT
1-Nov-2007Neutral assembly of bacterial communitiesWoodcock, S; Van Der Gast, CJ; Bell, T; Lunn, M; Curtis, TP; Head, IM; Sloan, WT
1-Jan-2019Not all equals are equal: Decoupling thinking processes and results in mathematical assessmentsWoodcock, S; Rogerson, A; Morska, J
2-Jul-2015A poisson-pareto model of chlorophyll-a fluorescence signals in marine environmentsWoodcock, S; Manojlovic, B; Baird, ME; Ralph, PJ
1-Oct-2016Quantification of effective exoelectrogens by most probable number (MPN) in a microbial fuel cellHeidrich, ES; Curtis, TP; Woodcock, S; Dolfing, J
1-Apr-2006Quantifying the roles of immigration and chance in shaping prokaryote community structureSloan, WT; Lunn, M; Woodcock, S; Head, IM; Nee, S; Curtis, TP
1-May-2018Responding to the commentary on the article: ?improving the prediction of maturity from anthropometric variables using a maturity ratio�Fransen, J; Baxter-Jones, A; Woodcock, S
23-Jul-2018Sdrawkcab scitamehtam: The case for understanding mathematics backwardsWoodcock, S
1-Jul-2018A simulation study of Texas hold 'em poker: What taylor swift understands and james bond doesn'tFalletta, J; Woodcock, S
1-Jan-2013Slipping between the cracks? Maximising the effectiveness of prerequisite paths in UTS mathematics degreesWoodcock, S; Bush, S
1-Jul-2006Taxa-area relationships for microbes: The unsampled and the unseenWoodcock, S; Curtis, TP; Head, IM; Lunn, M; Sloan, WT
29-Nov-2006What is the extent of prokaryotic diversity?Curtis, TP; Head, IM; Lunn, M; Woodcock, S; Schloss, PD; Sloan, WT