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27-Nov-2017Ontological metamodel for consistency of data heritage preservation (DHP)Gordon, LC; Chaczko, Z
27-Nov-2017Human detection using illumination invariant feature extraction for natural scenes in big data video framesAlzughaibi, A; Chaczko, Z
27-Nov-2017Steganographic image sharing appWazirali, R; Chaczko, Z; Gibbon, J
27-Nov-2017Concepts and observations in artificial endocrine systems for IoT infrastructureSinha, S; Chaczko, Z
27-Nov-2017iMuDS: An internet of multimodal data acquisition and analysis systems for monitoring urban waterwaysKale, A; Chaczko, Z
27-Nov-2017Development and optimization of wireless indoor localization error modellingYu, Z; Chaczko, Z; Jiang, J
27-Nov-2017New LQR protocols with intrusion detection schemes for IOT securityJiang, J; Chaczko, Z; Al-Doghman, F; Narantaka, W
27-Nov-2017A review of aggregation algorithms for the internet of thingsAl-Doghman, F; Chaczko, Z; Jiang, J
13-Oct-2017A new strategy for higher education and training: Peer support system for practical laboratoriesGiampietro, C; Chaczko, Z; De La Villefromoy, M; Braun, R
13-Oct-2017Using Matlab modeling in cody to teach Teletraffic engineeringBraun, R; Chaczko, Z
13-Oct-2017ETAM towards ICT teaching and learning studio for interactive learning in Information and Communication TechnologyAlenazy, WM; Chaczko, Z
13-Oct-2017Learning data engineering: Creating IoT apps using the node-RED and the RPI technologiesChaczko, Z; Braun, R
13-Oct-2017How the Internet of Things is Changing Teaching of Technical Subjects at UTSZhang, W; Szymanski, J; Chiu, C; Chaczko, Z; Su, S; Zhou, J; Chaczko, Z; Pichler, F; Jiang, F; Chiu, C
1-Jun-2017Parallel patterns determination in solving cyclic flow shop problem with setupsBozejko, W; Chaczko, Z; Uchroński, M; Wodecki, M
1-May-2017Can SDN Technology Be Transported to Software-Defined WSN/IoT?Nguyen, TMC; Hoang, DB; Chaczko, Z
6-Feb-2017A review on Fog Computing technologyAl-Doghman, F; Chaczko, Z; Ajayan, AR; Klempous, R
20-Jan-2017AHRC: An Optimized Cache AssociativityAl-Manasia, M; Chaczko, Z; Ounzar, A
3-Jan-2017Human detection model using feature extraction method in video framesAlzughaibi, A; Chaczko, Z
1-Jan-2017Anticipatory quality assessment metric for measuring data hiding imperceptibilityWazirali, R; Chaczko, Z
28-Nov-2016Position paper: BE(Hons) data engineeringBraun, R; Brookes, W; Chaczko, Z; Hadgraft, R