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2023-11-01Dissonance minimization and conversation in social networksAnufriev, M; Borissov, K; Pakhnin, M
2023-02-01An asset pricing model with accuracy-driven evolution of heterogeneous expectationsAnufriev, M; Tichý, T; Lamantia, F; Radi, D
2022-08-01The role of information in a continuous double auction: An experiment and learning model: The Role of Information in CDAAnufriev, M; Arifovic, J; Ledyard, J; Panchenko, V
2022-02-01Learning in Two-Dimensional Beauty Contest Games: Theory and Experimental EvidenceAnufriev, M; Duffy, J; Panchenko, V
2022-01-01Asset price volatility and investment horizons: An experimental investigationAnufriev, M; Chernulich, A; Tuinstra, J
2020-06Integrated modeling of extended agro-food supply chains: A systems approachTaghikhah, F; Voinov, A; Shukla, N; Filatova, T; Anufriev, M
2020-01-01Chaos, border collisions and stylized empirical facts in an asset pricing model with heterogeneous agentsAnufriev, M; Gardini, L; Radi, D
2019-10-01Simple Forecasting Heuristics that Make us Smart: Evidence from Different Market ExperimentsAnufriev, M; Hommes, C; Makarewicz, T
2019-02-01Fee structure and mutual fund choice: An experimentAnufriev, M; Bao, T; Sutan, A; Tuinstra, J
2018-11-01Some reflections on past and future of nonlinear dynamics in economics and financeAnufriev, M; Radi, D; Tramontana, F
2018-08-01Timing under individual evolutionary learning in a continuous double auctionvan de Leur, M; Anufriev, M
2018-06-01Oligopoly game: Price makers meet price takersAnufriev, M; Kopányi, D
2018-06-01A laboratory experiment on the heuristic switching modelAnufriev, M; Chernulich, A; Tuinstra, J
2016-09-01Microfoundations for switching behavior in heterogeneous agent models: An experimentAnufriev, M; Bao, T; Tuinstra, J
2015-12-01Connecting the dots: Econometric methods for uncovering networks with an application to the Australian financial institutionsAnufriev, M; Panchenko, V
2013-12-01Interest rate rules and macroeconomic stability under heterogeneous expectationsAnufriev, M; Assenza, T; Hommes, C; Massaro, D
2013-12-01Learning cycles in Bertrand competition with differentiated commodities and competing learning rulesAnufriev, M; Kopányi, D; Tuinstra, J
2013-08-01The impact of short-selling constraints on financial market stability in a heterogeneous agents modelAnufriev, M; Tuinstra, J
2013-01-01Evolutionary selection of expectations in positive and negative feedback marketsAnufriev, M; Hommes, CH; Philipse, RHS
2013-01-01Efficiency of continuous double auctions under individual evolutionary learning with full or limited informationAnufriev, M; Arifovic, J; Ledyard, J; Panchenko, V