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2023-11-16Rural versus metropolitan comparison of processes of care in the community‐based management of TIA and minor stroke in Australia (an analysis from the INSIST study)Gangadharan, S; Tomari, S; Levi, CR; Weaver, N; Holliday, E; Bajorek, B; Lasserson, D; Valderas, JM; Dewey, HM; Barber, PA; Spratt, NJ; Cadilhac, DA; Feigin, VL; Rothwell, PM; Zareie, H; Garcia‐Esperon, C; Davey, A
2022-08-02Educational Needs of People Living with Atrial Fibrillation: A Qualitative Study.Ferguson, C; Hickman, LD; Lombardo, L; Downie, A; Bajorek, B; Ivynian, S; Inglis, SC; Wynne, R
2022-05-10Video-reflexive ethnography applications in pharmacy and health services researchYong, FR; Hor, S-Y; Bajorek, B; Desselle, S; Garcia Cardenas, V; Anderson, C; Aslani, P; Chen, A; Chen, T
2021-01-01Educational and Self-Management Needs of Adults Living With Atrial Fibrillation: Perspectives of Patients, Clinicians, and ExpertsFerguson, C; Lombardo, L; Hickman, L; Inglis, S; Bajorek, B; Wynne, R
2020-11-01Exploring the Economic Benefits of Modafinil for Post-Stroke Fatigue in Australia: A Cost-Effectiveness EvaluationBajorek, B; Gao, L; Lillicrap, T; Bivard, A; Garcia-Esperon, C; Parsons, M; Spratt, N; Holliday, E; Levi, C
2020-03Community pharmacist identification of chronic kidney disease using point-of-care technology: A pilot study.Donovan, J; Al Hamarneh, YN; Bajorek, B; Papastergiou, J; Tsuyuki, RT
2020-02Association between beta-blocker use and obesity in Hong Kong Chinese elders: a post-hoc analysis.Leung, KL; Fong, W; Freedman, B; Bajorek, B; Lee, VWY
2019-12-01Virtual Pharmacy Programs to Prepare Pharmacy Students for Community and Hospital PlacementsLucas, C; Williams, K; Bajorek, B
2019-10-01Pharmaceutical Care in NICUs in Australia and Poland: Attitudes and Perspectives of Doctors and NursesKrzyzaniak, N; Pawłowska, I; Bajorek, B
2019-07-01Agreement between units of measure for paediatric antibiotic utilisation surveillance using hospital pharmacy supply dataMostaghim, M; Snelling, T; Bajorek, B
2019-04-01Factors associated with adherence to antimicrobial stewardship after-hoursMostaghim, M; Snelling, T; Bajorek, B
2019-04-01Pharmaceutical care in the neonatal intensive care unit: Perspectives of Polish medical and pharmacy studentsKrzyżaniak, N; Pawłowska, I; Pawłowski, L; Kocić, I; Bajorek, B
2019-03-01Impact of clinical decision support on empirical antibiotic prescribing for children with community-acquired pneumoniaMostaghim, M; Snelling, T; McMullan, B; Ewe, YH; Bajorek, B
2019Patient-focused interventions to support vulnerable people using oral anticoagulants: a narrative review.Yiu, A; Bajorek, B
2018-10-01National Heart Foundation of Australia and the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand: Australian Clinical Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Atrial Fibrillation 2018Brieger, D; Amerena, J; Attia, J; Bajorek, B; Chan, KH; Connell, C; Freedman, B; Ferguson, C; Hall, T; Haqqani, H; Hendriks, J; Hespe, C; Hung, J; Kalman, JM; Sanders, P; Worthington, J; Yan, TD; Zwar, N
2018-09-01Selecting antithrombotic therapy for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation: Health professionals’ feedback on a decision support toolWang, Y; Bajorek, B
2018-09-01Pharmacist perceptions on the need for a quality guidance resource for pharmacy service provision in the neonatal intensive care unit: comparison between Poland and AustraliaKrzyżaniak, N; Pawłowska, I; Bajorek, B
2018-09-01Factors affecting self-reported medication adherence and hypertension knowledge: A cross-sectional study in rural villages, Yogyakarta Province, IndonesiaRahmawati, R; Bajorek, B
2018-09-01Understanding untreated hypertension from patients’ point of view: A qualitative study in rural Yogyakarta province, IndonesiaRahmawati, R; Bajorek, B
2018-08-01Defining an ‘older’ patient in the context of therapeutic decision making: perspectives of Australian pharmacists and nursesKrzyżaniak, N; Singh, S; Bajorek, B