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2023-12-14Age-specific differences in cervical cancer screening rates in women using mental health services in New South Wales, Australia.Impelido, ML; Brewer, K; Burgess, P; Curtis, J; Currow, D; Sara, G
2023-12-12Australian population norms for health-related quality of life measured using the EQ-5D-5L, and relationships with sociodemographic characteristics.Redwood, L; Currow, D; Kochovska, S; Thomas, SJ
2023-11-29Gabapentin for Pain in Pediatric Palliative Care.Drake, R; Prael, G; Phyo, Y; Chang, S; Hunt, J; Herbert, A; Mott, C; Hynson, J; Phillips, M; Cossich, M; Mherekumombe, M; Kim, MS; Chong, PH; Abitz, M; Bernada, M; Avery, M; Doogue, M; Rowett, D; Currow, D
2023-10-23P066 The Relationship between Chronic Breathlessness and Perceived Sleep Quality in Adult AustralianToson, B; Loffler, K; Reynolds, A; Li, J; Kochovska, S; Currow, D; Adams, R; Eckert, D
2023-10LBA95 Anamorelin and weight gain in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and cachexia: Efficacy and safety in the multinational phase III SCALA programCurrow, D; Chessari, S; Bonomi, P; Giorgino, R; Skipworth, R
2023-10The effect of general practice contact on cancer stage at diagnosis in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal residents of New South Wales.Banham, D; Roder, D; Thompson, S; Williamson, A; Bray, F; Currow, D
2023-09-20Association of participants who screened positive for night eating syndrome with physical health, sleep problems, and weight status in an Australian adult population.Sakthivel, SJ; Hay, P; Touyz, S; Currow, D; Mannan, H
2023-09Opioid prescribing patterns among medical practitioners in New South Wales, Australia.Schaffer, AL; Gisev, N; Blyth, FM; Buckley, NA; Currow, D; Dobbins, TA; Wilson, A; Degenhardt, L; Pearson, S-A
2023-08-26Breast screening participation and degree of spread of invasive breast cancer at diagnosis in mental health service users, a population linkage study.Sara, G; Lambeth, C; Burgess, P; Curtis, J; Walton, R; Currow, D
2023-07Modified-release morphine or placebo for chronic breathlessness: the MABEL trial protocol.Date, K; Williams, B; Cohen, J; Chaudhuri, N; Bajwah, S; Pearson, M; Higginson, I; Norrie, J; Keerie, C; Tuck, S; Hall, P; Currow, D; Fallon, M; Johnson, M
2023-06-12Breast cancer screening participation in women using mental health services in NSW, Australia: a population study.Lambeth, C; Burgess, P; Curtis, J; Currow, D; Sara, G
2023-05-02Expanding health technology assessment towards broader value: Ireland as a case study.Kinchin, I; Walshe, V; Normand, C; Coast, J; Elliott, R; Kroll, T; Kinghorn, P; Thompson, A; Viney, R; Currow, D; O'Mahony, JF
2023-04-25Assessing Patient-Reported Outcomes in Routine Cancer Clinical Care Using Electronic Administration and Telehealth Technologies: Realist Synthesis of Potential Mechanisms for Improving Health Outcomes (Preprint)Govindaraj, R; Agar, M; Currow, D; Luckett, T
2023-04-05Vaccine-preventable hospitalisations in adult mental health service users: a population study.Sara, G; Gould, P; Curtis, J; Chen, W; Lau, M; Ramanuj, P; Currow, D; Burgess, P
2023-03-13Pregnancy-associated gynecological cancer in New South Wales, Australia 1994-2013: A population-based historical cohort study.Fotheringham, P; Safi, N; Li, Z; Anazodo, A; Remond, M; Hayen, A; Currow, D; Roder, D; Hamad, N; Nicholl, M; Gordon, A; Frawley, J; Sullivan, EA
2023-03Progressive pulmonary fibrosis: an expert group consensus statement.Rajan, SK; Cottin, V; Dhar, R; Danoff, S; Flaherty, KR; Brown, KK; Mohan, A; Renzoni, E; Mohan, M; Udwadia, Z; Shenoy, P; Currow, D; Devraj, A; Jankharia, B; Kulshrestha, R; Jones, S; Ravaglia, C; Quadrelli, S; Iyer, R; Dhooria, S; Kolb, M; Wells, AU
2023-02-21Lidocaine for Neuropathic Cancer Pain (LiCPain): study protocol for a mixed-methods pilot study.Lee, J; Currow, D; Lovell, M; Phillips, JL; McLachlan, A; Ritchie, M; Brown, L; Fazekas, B; Aggarwal, R; Seah, D; Sheehan, C; Chye, R; Noble, B; McCaffrey, N; Aggarwal, G; George, R; Kow, M; Ayoub, C; Linton, A; Sanderson, C; Mittal, D; Rao, A; Prael, G; Urban, K; Vandersman, P; Agar, M
2023-02-09Pregnancy associated cancer, timing of birth and clinical decision making-a NSW data linkage study.Safi, N; Li, Z; Anazodo, A; Remond, M; Hayen, A; Currow, D; Roder, D; Hamad, N; Nicholl, M; Gordon, A; Frawley, J; Fotheringham, P; Sullivan, E
2023-01-01Treatment and Survival in Acute Leukemia: A New South Wales Study Comparing Adolescents and Young Adults with Children and AdultsLi, M; Anazodo, A; Dalla-Pozza, L; Baeza, PK; Roder, D; Currow, D; Batra, L
2023"This is What Lies Ahead". Perspectives of Oxygen-Naïve COPD Patients on Long-Term Oxygen Use. A Qualitative Study.Mooren, K; Atsma, EM; Duinker, E; Kerstjens, HAM; Currow, D; Engels, Y