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2023-02-09Pregnancy associated cancer, timing of birth and clinical decision making-a NSW data linkage study.Safi, N; Li, Z; Anazodo, A; Remond, M; Hayen, A; Currow, D; Roder, D; Hamad, N; Nicholl, M; Gordon, A; Frawley, J; Fotheringham, P; Sullivan, E
2022-11-09P009 The effects of low-dose morphine on sleep and breathlessness in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseAltree, T; Loffler, K; Toson, B; Currow, D; Eckert, D
2022-10Colorectal cancer and country of birth in New South Wales, Australia: All-of-population data for prioritising health service delivery and research.Zhao, GW; Roder, DM; White, S; Lin, E; Challam, S; Little, A; Renzaho, A; Pitts, L; Liauw, W; Currow, D
2022-09-27Country of birth and non-small cell lung cancer incidence, treatment, and outcomes in New South Wales, Australia: a population-based linkage study.Little, A; Roder, D; Zhao, GW; Challam, S; Malalasekera, A; Currow, D
2022-09OP08 A feasibility cluster randomised controlled trial of a paramedic-administered breathlessness management intervention for acute-on-chronic breathlessness (BREATHE): study findingsHutchinson, A; Allgar, V; Cohen, J; Currow, D; Griffin, S; Hart, S; Hodge, A; Mason, S; Northgraves, M; Reeve, J; Swan, F; Johnson, M
2022-08-01End-of-life dreams and visions: A systematic integrative review.Hession, A; Luckett, T; Chang, S; Currow, D; Barbato, M
2022-08Population-level utilisation of neoadjuvant radiotherapy for the treatment of rectal cancer.Gugusheff, J; White, K; Fitzadam, S; Creighton, N; Engel, A; Lee, M; Thompson, SR; Chantrill, L; Young, J; Currow, D
2022-06-02The association between phase of illness and resource utilisation-a potential model for demonstrating clinical efficiency?Lucey, M; O'Reilly, M; Coffey, S; Sheridan, J; Moran, S; Twomey, F; Conroy, M; Eager, K; Currow, D
2022-06Letter to the Editor: Sleep Disturbances in People with Advanced Cancer and Their Informal Caregivers: A Digital Health Exploration.Schuler, T; Currow, D; Clark, K; Back, M
2022-06Symptom burden and lived experiences of patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals on the management of malignant bowel obstruction: A qualitative systematic review.Baddeley, E; Mann, M; Bravington, A; Johnson, MJ; Currow, D; Murtagh, FEM; Boland, EG; Obita, G; Oliver, A; Seddon, K; Nelson, A; Boland, JW; Noble, SIR
2022-05Persisting breathlessness and activities reduced or ceased: a population study in older men.Kochovska, S; Currow, D; Chang, S; Johnson, M; Ferreira, D; Morgan, D; Olsson, M; Ekström, M
2022-05Patients' and their caregivers' experiences with regular, low-dose, sustained-release morphine for chronic breathlessness associated with COPD: a qualitative study.Ferreira, D; Kochovska, S; Honson, A; Phillips, J; Currow, D
2022-03-19Lower workforce participation is associated with more severe persisting breathlessnessClark, J; Chang, S; Kinchin, I; Ferreira, D; Kochovska, S; Morgan, D; Poulos, L; Johnson, M; Ekstrom, M; Currow, D
2022-02-12The complexities, coordination, culture and capacities that characterise the delivery of oncology services in the common areas of ambulatory settings.Nic Giolla Easpaig, B; Tran, Y; Winata, T; Lamprell, K; Fajardo Pulido, D; Arnolda, G; Delaney, GP; Liauw, W; Smith, K; Avery, S; Rigg, K; Westbrook, J; Olver, I; Currow, D; Karnon, J; Ward, RL; Braithwaite, J
2022-01-19Do guidelines influence breathlessness management in advanced lung diseases? A multinational survey of respiratory medicine and palliative care physicians.Krajnik, M; Hepgul, N; Wilcock, A; Jassem, E; Bandurski, T; Tanzi, S; Simon, ST; Higginson, IJ; Jolley, CJ; BETTER-B research consortium,; Currow, D
2022-01-01Opioid-sparing effects of ketorolac in palliative care patients receiving opioids for chronic cancer-related pain: A systematic literature review.Butcher, B; Hutchings, E; Fazekas, B; Clark, K; Rowett, D; Currow, D
2021-11Breathlessness dimensions association with physical and mental quality of life: the population based VASCOL study of elderly men.Cristea, L; Olsson, M; Currow, D; Johnson, M; Sandberg, J; Ekström, M
2021-09-01323Breast and cervical cancer screening and outcomes in NSW mental health service consumersWilson, E; Tervonen, H; Currow, D; Sara, G
2021-09Female breast cancer treatment and survival in South Australia: Results from linked health data.Li, M; Roder, D; D'Onise, K; Walters, D; Farshid, G; Buckley, E; Karapetis, C; Joshi, R; Price, T; Townsend, A; Miller, C; Currow, D; Powell, K; Buranyi-Trevarton, D; Olver, I
2021-08-09Providing outpatient cancer care for CALD patients: a qualitative studyNic Giolla Easpaig, B; Tran, Y; Winata, T; Lamprell, K; Fajardo Pulido, D; Arnolda, G; Delaney, GP; Liauw, W; Smith, K; Avery, S; Rigg, K; Westbrook, J; Olver, I; Currow, D; Girgis, A; Karnon, J; Ward, RL; Braithwaite, J