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2021-11Breathlessness dimensions association with physical and mental quality of life: the population based VASCOL study of elderly men.Cristea, L; Olsson, M; Currow, D; Johnson, M; Sandberg, J; Ekström, M
2021-09Female breast cancer treatment and survival in South Australia: Results from linked health data.Li, M; Roder, D; D'Onise, K; Walters, D; Farshid, G; Buckley, E; Karapetis, C; Joshi, R; Price, T; Townsend, A; Miller, C; Currow, D; Powell, K; Buranyi-Trevarton, D; Olver, I
2021-08-09Providing outpatient cancer care for CALD patients: a qualitative studyNic Giolla Easpaig, B; Tran, Y; Winata, T; Lamprell, K; Fajardo Pulido, D; Arnolda, G; Delaney, GP; Liauw, W; Smith, K; Avery, S; Rigg, K; Westbrook, J; Olver, I; Currow, D; Girgis, A; Karnon, J; Ward, RL; Braithwaite, J
2021-07-30Is Neuropathic Pain a Good Marker of Peripheral Neuropathy in Hospice Patients with Advanced Cancer? The Single Center Pilot StudyDrat-Gzubicka, J; Pyszora, A; Budzyński, J; Currow, D; Krajnik, M
2021-07Breast cancer treatment and survival differences in women in remote and socioeconomically disadvantaged areas, as demonstrated by linked data from New South Wales (NSW), Australia.Buckley, E; Elder, E; McGill, S; Kargar, ZS; Li, M; Roder, D; Currow, D
2021-04Degree of Cancer Spread at Presentation and Survival Among Adolescents and Young Adults in New South Wales, Australia.Li, M; Holliday, L; Roder, D; Tervonen, H; Anazodo, A; Dallapozza, L; Hesketh, E; Currow, D
2021-03-10Potentially preventable hospitalisations for physical health conditions in community mental health service users: a population-wide linkage study.Sara, G; Chen, W; Large, M; Ramanuj, P; Curtis, J; McMillan, F; Mulder, CL; Currow, D; Burgess, P
2021-02-17Female breast cancer in New South Wales, Australia, by country of birth: implications for health-service delivery.Roder, D; Zhao, GW; Challam, S; Little, A; Elder, E; Kostadinovska, G; Woodland, L; Currow, D
2021-02-16Comparing functional decline and distress from symptoms in people with thoracic life-limiting illnesses: lung cancers and non-malignant end-stage respiratory diseases.Barnes-Harris, M; Allingham, S; Morgan, D; Ferreira, D; Johnson, MJ; Eagar, K; Currow, D
2021-01-21A feasibility cluster randomised controlled trial of a paramedic-administered breathlessness management intervention for acute-on-chronic breathlessness (BREATHE)Northgraves, M; Cohen, J; Allgar, V; Currow, D; Hart, S; Hird, K; Hodge, A; Johnson, M; Mason, S; Swan, F; Hutchinson, A
2021-01Indications and patterns of use of benzodiazepines and opioids in severe interstitial lung disease: a population-based longitudinal study.Genberg, J; Davies, JM; Ahmadi, Z; Currow, D; Johnson, MJ; Tanash, H; Bajwah, S; Ekström, M
2020-12-07Population-Wide Data Linkage to Reduce Premature Mortality in Women Who Use Mental Health Services In NSWWilson, E; Tervonen, H; Currow, D; Sara, G
2020-11-17Effect of mammography screening and sociodemographic factors on stage of female breast cancer at diagnosis in New South Wales.Tong, S; Warner-Smith, M; McGill, S; Roder, D; Currow, D
2020-10A Dyadic Growth Modeling Approach for Examining Associations Between Weight Gain and Lung Function Decline.Cornelius, T; Schwartz, JE; Balte, P; Bhatt, SP; Cassano, PA; Currow, D; Jacobs, DR; Johnson, M; Kalhan, R; Kronmal, R; Loehr, L; O'Connor, GT; Smith, B; White, WB; Yende, S; Oelsner, EC
2020-08Optimizing lung cancer MDT data for maximum clinical impact-a scoping literature review.Stone, E; Rankin, N; Currow, D; Fong, KM; Phillips, JL; Shaw, T
2020-07-01Regular, sustained-release morphine for chronic breathlessness: a multicentre, double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial (vol 75, pg 50, 2020)Currow, D; Louw, S; McCloud, P
2020-06-28Monitoring TNM stage of female breast cancer and survival across the South Australian population, with national and international TNM benchmarking: A population-based cohort study.Li, M; Roder, D; D'Onise, K; Walters, D; Farshid, G; Buckley, E; Karapetis, C; Joshi, R; Price, T; Townsend, A; Miller, CL; Currow, D; Powell, K; Buranyi-Trevarton, D; Olver, I
2020-05Pancreaticoduodenectomy outcomes in Australia.Merrett, N; Richardson, A; Lam, V; Walton, R; Currow, D
2020-02-10What are the attitudes of health professionals regarding patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) in oncology practice? A mixed-method synthesis of the qualitative evidence.Nic Giolla Easpaig, B; Tran, Y; Bierbaum, M; Arnolda, G; Delaney, GP; Liauw, W; Ward, RL; Olver, I; Currow, D; Girgis, A; Durcinoska, I; Braithwaite, J
2020-02-04Unanswered questions and future direction in the management of terminal breathlessness in patients with cancerMori, M; Yamaguchi, T; Matsuda, Y; Suzuki, K; Watanabe, H; Matsunuma, R; Kako, J; Imai, K; Usui, Y; Matsumoto, Y; Hui, D; Currow, D; Morita, T