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2023-12-01Coral restoration in the Philippines: Interactions with key coastal sectorsMatorres, DE; Fabinyi, M; Barclay, K; Harrison, P
2023-08-01Industrial and small-scale fisheries relations in Ghana: A political ecology perspective on blue economy exclusionAyilu, RK; Fabinyi, M; Barclay, K; Bawa, MA
2023-07What's on the horizon for community-based conservation? Emerging threats and opportunities.Esmail, N; McPherson, JM; Abulu, L; Amend, T; Amit, R; Bhatia, S; Bikaba, D; Brichieri-Colombi, TA; Brown, J; Buschman, V; Fabinyi, M; Farhadinia, M; Ghayoumi, R; Hay-Edie, T; Horigue, V; Jungblut, V; Jupiter, S; Keane, A; Macdonald, DW; Mahajan, SL; McVey, A; Moehrenschlager, A; Nelson, F; Noshirwani, MM; Ntiamoa-Baidu, Y; Postigo, JL; Rakotondrazafy, V; Rao, M; Roe, D; Sierra Huelsz, JA; Stolton, S; Tawake, A; Wintle, B
2023-01-03Blue economy: industrialisation and coastal fishing livelihoods in Ghana.Ayilu, RK; Fabinyi, M; Barclay, K; Bawa, MA
2022-11-02Evolving governance structures in community-based sandfish mariculture and their interactions with livelihood outcomes: Evidence from the PhilippinesFabinyi, M; Gorospe, JR; McClean, N; Juinio-Meñez, MA
2022-10-14From a Fishing Village to Tourist Destination: Hongjia Village in Northeastern ChinaSa, H; Fabinyi, M
2022-08-10Social equity is key to sustainable ocean governanceCrosman, KM; Allison, EH; Ota, Y; Cisneros-Montemayor, AM; Singh, GG; Swartz, W; Bailey, M; Barclay, KM; Blume, G; Colléter, M; Fabinyi, M; Faustman, EM; Fielding, R; Griffin, PJ; Hanich, Q; Harden-Davies, H; Kelly, RP; Kenny, T-A; Klinger, T; Kittinger, JN; Nakamura, K; Pauwelussen, AP; Pictou, S; Rothschild, C; Seto, KL; Spalding, AK
2022-05-27Community-based sandfish sea ranching in the Philippines: Exploring social factors influencing successMcClean, N; Fabinyi, M
2022-04Coastal transitions: Small-scale fisheries, livelihoods, and maritime zone developments in Southeast AsiaFabinyi, M; Belton, B; Dressler, WH; Knudsen, M; Adhuri, DS; Abdul Aziz, A; Akber, MA; Kittitornkool, J; Kongkaew, C; Marschke, M; Pido, M; Stacey, N; Steenbergen, DJ; Vandergeest, P
2022-02-01China’s 21st century maritime silk road: Challenges and opportunities to coastal livelihoods in ASEAN countriesSong, AY; Fabinyi, M
2022-02-01Small-scale fisheries in the blue economy: Review of scholarly papers and multilateral documentsAyilu, RK; Fabinyi, M; Barclay, K
2022-01-01China’s approach to global fisheries: power in the governance of anti-illegal, unreported and unregulated fishingSong, AY; Fabinyi, M; Barclay, K
2021-11-29Seascape shadows: Life in the ruins of the edible bird's nest harvest in northern Palawan, the PhilippinesSatizábal, P; Dressler, WH; Guieb, ER; Varquez, JG; Fabinyi, M
2021-11The role of voluntary commitments in realizing the promise of the Blue EconomyVoyer, M; Allison, EH; Farmery, A; Fabinyi, M; Steenbergen, DJ; van Putten, I; Song, AM; Ogier, E; Benzaken, D; Andrew, N
2021-10Morals and climate decision-making: insights from social and behavioural sciencesLau, JD; Song, AM; Morrison, T; Fabinyi, M; Brown, K; Blythe, J; Allison, EH; Adger, WN
2021-09-19Asia-Pacific Fishing LivelihoodsFabinyi, M; Barclay, K
2021-06-01China’s Blue Economy: A State Project of ModernisationFabinyi, M; Wu, A; Lau, S; Mallory, T; Barclay, K; Walsh, K; Dressler, W
2021-02-17Evolving the narrative for protecting a rapidly changing ocean, post‐COVID‐19. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. DOI: 10.1002/aqc.3512Ota, Y; Allison, EH; Fabinyi, M
2021-02From conversion to conservation to carbon: The changing policy discourse on mangrove governance and use in the PhilippinesSong, AM; Dressler, WH; Satizábal, P; Fabinyi, M
2021-01Blind spots in visions of a “blue economy” could undermine the ocean's contribution to eliminating hunger and malnutritionFarmery, AK; Allison, EH; Andrew, NL; Troell, M; Voyer, M; Campbell, B; Eriksson, H; Fabinyi, M; Song, AM; Steenbergen, D