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2023-12-01Towards Privacy-Aware and Trustworthy Data Sharing Using Blockchain for Edge IntelligenceQu, Y; Ma, L; Ye, W; Zhai, X; Yu, S; Li, Y; Smith, D
2023-09-01Are public—private partnerships still an answer for social infrastructure? A systematic literature reviewMa, L; Hu, Y; Zhu, L; Ke, Y
2023-09-01Understanding High-Voltage Behavior of Sodium-Ion Battery Cathode Materials Using Synchrotron X-ray and Neutron Techniques: A ReviewShipitsyn, V; Jayakumar, R; Zuo, W; Sun, B; Ma, L
2023-07-01A concept dual-motor powertrain for battery electric vehicles: Principle, modeling and mode-shiftTian, Y; Wang, Z; Ji, X; Ma, L; Zhang, L; Hong, X; Zhang, N
2023-03Cell-free protein synthesis of CD1E and B2M protein and in vitro interaction.Tang, Y; Ma, S; Lin, S; Wu, Y; Chen, S; Liu, G; Ma, L; Wang, Z; Jiang, L; Wang, Y
2023-01-01An evaluation of the impacts of the adoption of IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with CustomersOnie, S; Ma, L; Spiropoulos, H; Wells, P
2022-11-25​Fatigue models for airfield concrete pavement: Review and discussionYuan, J; Li, W; Jia, X; Ma, L; Zhou, Z
2022-10-01Effects of pipe diameter, curing age and exposure temperature on chloride diffusion of concrete with embedded PVC pipeDu, T; Li, C; Wang, X; Ma, L; Qu, F; Wang, B; Peng, J; Li, W
2022-07-01Development of RZ-SHAW for simulating plastic mulch effects on soil water, soil temperature, and surface energy balance in a maize fieldChu, X; Flerchinger, GN; Ma, L; Fang, Q; Malone, RW; Yu, Q; He, J; Wang, N; Feng, H; Zou, Y
2022-06-01Australian innovation: Patent database construction and first evidenceBedford, A; Ma, L; Ma, N; Vojvoda, K
2022-04-13Interlayer-Expanded MoS2 Nanoflowers Vertically Aligned on MXene@Dual-Phased TiO2 as High-Performance Anode for Sodium-Ion Batteries.Zhang, H; Song, J; Li, J; Feng, J; Ma, Y; Ma, L; Liu, H; Qin, Y; Zhao, X; Wang, F
2021-12-01PUMPNET: a deep learning approach to pump operation detectionMa, L; Meng, Q; Pan, S; Liebman, A
2021-06-01Evaluation of APEX modifications to simulate forage production for grazing management decision-support in the Western US Great PlainsCheng, G; Harmel, RD; Ma, L; Derner, JD; Augustine, DJ; Bartling, PNS; Fang, QX; Williams, JR; Zilverberg, CJ; Boone, RB; Hoover, D; Yu, Q
2021-01-22Future profitability and stock returns of innovative firms: a pitchBedford, A; Ma, L; Ma, N; Vojvoda, K
2021-01Future profitability and stock returns of innovative firms in AustraliaBedford, A; Ma, L; Ma, N; Vojvoda, K
2021Optimisation of sintering parameters for bonding nanocrystalline cemented tungsten carbide powder and solid high strength steelHasan, M; Zhao, J; Jia, F; Wu, H; Ahmad, F; Huang, Z; Wei, D; Ma, L; Jiang, Z
2020-10-29Patenting activity or innovative originality?Bedford, A; Ma, L; Ma, N; Vojvoda, K
2020-03-20LULA: Transforming Transport and Mobility (C)Sikochi, S; Ma, L
2020-03-20LULA: Transforming Transport and Mobility (A)Sikochi, S; Ma, L
2020-03-20LULA: Transforming Transport and Mobility (B)Sikochi, S; Ma, L