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2023-04Effect of Myopic Undercorrection on Habitual Reading Distance in Schoolchildren: The Hong Kong Children Eye Study.Tang, SM; Zhang, XJ; Wang, YM; Zhang, Y; Wong, LM; Chan, H-N; Zhang, BN; Chu, WK; Kam, KW; Young, AL; Tham, CC; Chen, LJ; French, AN; Rose, KA; Pang, CP; Yam, JC
2022-09-01Vision Screening in Children: The New South Wales Statewide Eyesight Preschooler Screening Program.French, AN; Murphy, E; Martin, F; de Mello, N; Rose, KA
2021-04-28IMI Risk Factors for MyopiaMorgan, IG; Wu, P-C; Ostrin, LA; Tideman, JWL; Yam, JC; Lan, W; Baraas, RC; He, X; Sankaridurg, P; Saw, S-M; French, AN; Rose, KA; Guggenheim, JA
2021-03-18Time spent outdoors in childhood is associated with reduced risk of myopia as an adultLingham, G; Yazar, S; Lucas, RM; Milne, E; Hewitt, AW; Hammond, CJ; MacGregor, S; Rose, KA; Chen, FK; He, M; Guggenheim, JA; Clarke, MW; Saw, S-M; Williams, C; Coroneo, MT; Straker, L; Mackey, DA
2020-05-23Independent Influence of Parental Myopia on Childhood Myopia in a Dose-related Manner in 2055 Trios: The Hong Kong Children Eye Study.Tang, SM; Kam, KW; French, AN; Yu, M; Chen, LJ; Young, AL; Rose, KA; Tham, CCY; Pang, CP; Yam, JC
2020-03-25Rationale and protocol for the 7- and 8-year longitudinal assessments of eye health in a cohort of young adults in the Raine Study.Lee, SS-Y; Lingham, G; Yazar, S; Sanfilippo, PG; Charng, J; Chen, FK; Hewitt, AW; Ng, F; Hammond, C; Straker, LM; Eastwood, PR; MacGregor, S; Rose, KA; Lucas, RM; Guggenheim, JA; Saw, S-M; Coroneo, MT; He, M; Mackey, DA
2020-03-19Association of Parental Myopia With Higher Risk of Myopia Among Multiethnic Children Before School Age.Jiang, X; Tarczy-Hornoch, K; Cotter, SA; Matsumura, S; Mitchell, P; Rose, KA; Katz, J; Saw, S-M; Varma, R; POPEYE Consortium
2020Risk factors for myopia: Putting causal pathways into a social contextMorgan, IG; French, AN; Rose, KA
2019-07-01Prevalence, Characteristics, and Risk Factors of Moderate or High Hyperopia among Multiethnic Children 6 to 72 Months of Age: A Pooled Analysis of Individual Participant DataJiang, X; Tarczy-Hornoch, K; Stram, D; Katz, J; Friedman, DS; Tielsch, JM; Matsumura, S; Saw, SM; Mitchell, P; Rose, KA; Cotter, SA; Varma, R
2019-02-01IMI – Clinical management guidelines reportGifford, KL; Richdale, K; Kang, P; Aller, TA; Lam, CS; Liu, YM; Michaud, L; Mulder, J; Orr, JB; Rose, KA; Saunders, KJ; Seidel, D; Tideman, JWL; Sankaridurg, P
2019-01-01Myopia: is the nature-nurture debate finally over?Morgan, IG; Rose, KA
2018-01-01The epidemics of myopia: Aetiology and preventionMorgan, IG; French, AN; Ashby, RS; Guo, X; Ding, X; He, M; Rose, KA
2017-01-01Epidemic of pathologic myopia: What can laboratory studies and epidemiology tell us?Morgan, IG; He, M; Rose, KA
2016-01-01Environmental factors and myopia: Paradoxes and prospects for preventionRose, KA; French, AN; Morgan, IG
2014-01-01Normative visual acuity in infants and preschool-aged children in SydneyLeone, JF; Mitchell, P; Kifley, A; Rose, KA
2014-01-01ALSPAC study does not support a role for vitamin D in the prevention of myopiaMorgan, IG; Rose, KA
2013-10-01Risk factors for incident myopia in Australian schoolchildren: The Sydney Adolescent Vascular and Eye StudyFrench, AN; Morgan, IG; Mitchell, P; Rose, KA
2013-09-01Prevalence of anisometropia and its association with refractive error and amblyopia in preschool childrenAfsari, S; Rose, KA; Gole, GA; Philip, K; Leone, JF; French, A; Mitchell, P
2013-09-01Time outdoors and the prevention of myopiaFrench, AN; Ashby, RS; Morgan, IG; Rose, KA
2013-07-01Prevalence and 5- to 6-year incidence and progression of myopia and hyperopia in Australian schoolchildrenFrench, AN; Morgan, IG; Burlutsky, G; Mitchell, P; Rose, KA