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2022-05-09Organisational Co-Enforcement in Australia: Trade Unions, Community Legal Centres and the Fair Work OmbudsmanSchofield-Georgeson, E
2022-03-01Silent partners? Trade unions, corporations and penalty privilege in the Federal Court of AustraliaSchofield-Georgeson, E
2021-04-24The Emergence of Coercive Federal Australian Labour Law 1901-1920Schofield-Georgeson, E
2021-04-24Industrial Legislation in Australia 2020Schofield-Georgeson, E
2020-11Comparing Silence Rights in the Northern Territory and New South WalesSchofield-Georgeson, E; Callan, T
2020-10-01Regulating the automation of employment through redundancy law: a comparative policy approachSchofield-Georgeson, E
2020-04-05Industrial Legislation in Australia 2019Schofield-Georgeson, E; Rawling, M
2020-01-02Introduction to the Griffith Law Review Commission of Inquiry special issueSchofield-Georgeson, E; Anthony, T
2019-10-01Regulation Theory and Australian Capitalism - Book ReviewSchofield-Georgeson, E
2019-06-01Industrial legislation in Australia in 2018Rawling, M; Schofield-Georgeson, E
2019-02-01Resistance and Reform: Shared relationships and common interests among the subjects of criminal law in colonial New South WalesSchofield-Georgeson, E
2019-01-01Silence Matters: A survey of the right to silence in the summary jurisdiction of New South WalesSchofield-Georgeson, E
2019-01-01Industrial legislation in Australia in 2018Rawling, M; Schofield-Georgeson, E
2019-01-01Equity fines for corporate crime: Why they should be back on the legislative agendaSchofield-Georgeson, E
2018-12-01Regulating executive salaries and reducing pay disparities: Is pay disclosure the answer?Schofield-Georgeson, E
2018-07Regulating Executive Salaries and Reducing Pay Disparities: Is pay disclosure the answer?Schofield-Georgeson, E
2018-06-01Industrial legislation in Australia in 2017Rawling, M; Schofield-Georgeson, E
2018-06-01Undoing a model system: A new federal custody notification serviceSchofield-Georgeson, E
2018By What Authority? Criminal law in colonial New South Wales, 1788-1861Schofield-Georgeson, E
2016-11-30'Mad' Edwin Withers and the Struggle for Fair Trial Rights in NSWSchofield-Georgeson, E