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2023-10-06Broadening concepts of core pathobiology in various aspects of COPD development.Walters, EH; Shukla, S; Ward, C
2022-07Key role of dysregulated airway epithelium in response to respiratory viral infections in asthma.Moheimani, F; Shahdab, N; Cummings, S; Hansbro, PM; Ward, C
2022-02-01Air Pollution as a Risk Factor for Lung Cancer: Potential Mechanisms.Ward, C; Shukla, SD; Walters, EH
2021-09-21The Underappreciated Role of Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Its Strong Link to Lung Cancer.Mahmood, MQ; Shukla, SD; Ward, C; Walters, EH
2021-08Mechanistic Insights on EMT and Smoking-Related COPD.Shukla, S; Ward, C; Walters, EH
2021-06Fully integrating pathophysiological insights in COPD: an updated working disease model to broaden therapeutic vision.Walters, EH; Shukla, SD; Mahmood, MQ; Ward, C
2020-10-10Fear of cancer recurrence following allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) for haematological malignancy: A cross-sectional study.Brice, L; McErlean, G; Donovan, C; Tapp, C; Gilroy, N; Kabir, M; Greenwood, M; Larsen, SR; Moore, J; Gottlieb, D; Hertzberg, M; Brown, L; Hogg, M; Huang, G; Tan, J; Ward, C; Kerridge, I
2019-04A survey of infectious diseases and vaccination uptake in long-term hematopoietic stem cell transplant survivors in Australia.Dyer, G; Gilroy, N; Brice, L; Kabir, M; Gottlieb, D; Huang, G; Hogg, M; Brown, L; Greenwood, M; Larsen, SR; Moore, J; Hertzberg, M; Tan, J; Ward, C; Kerridge, I
2017-12-01Abnormal M1/M2 macrophage phenotype profiles in the small airway wall and lumen in smokers and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)Eapen, MS; Hansbro, PM; McAlinden, K; Kim, RY; Ward, C; Hackett, TL; Walters, EH; Sohal, SS
2017-09-07β-catenin, Twist and Snail: Transcriptional regulation of EMT in smokers and COPD, and relation to airflow obstruction.Mahmood, MQ; Walters, EH; Shukla, SD; Weston, S; Muller, HK; Ward, C; Sohal, SS
2017-08-01Profiling cellular and inflammatory changes in the airway wall of mild to moderate COPDEapen, MS; McAlinden, K; Tan, D; Weston, S; Ward, C; Muller, HK; Walters, EH; Sohal, SS
2016-01-09A pilot ASKAP survey of radio transient events in the region around the intermittent pulsar PSR J1107-5907Hobbs, G; Heywood, I; Bell, ME; Kerr, M; Rowlinson, A; Johnston, S; Shannon, RM; Voronkov, MA; Ward, C; Banyer, J; Hancock, PJ; Murphy, T; Allison, JR; Amy, SW; Ball, L; Bannister, K; Bock, DCJ; Brodrick, D; Brothers, M; Brown, AJ; Bunton, JD; Chapman, J; Chippendale, AP; Chung, Y; DeBoer, D; Diamond, P; Edwards, PG; Ekers, R; Ferris, RH; Forsyth, R; Gough, R; Grancea, A; Gupta, N; Harvey-Smith, L; Hay, S; Hayman, DB; Hotan, AW; Hoyle, S; Humphreys, B; Indermuehle, B; Jacka, CE; Jackson, CA; Jackson, S; Jeganathan, K; Joseph, J; Kendall, R; Kiraly, D; Koribalski, B; Leach, M; Lenc, E; MacLeod, A; Mader, S; Marquarding, M; Marvil, J; McClure-Griffiths, N; McConnell, D; Mirtschin, P; Neuhold, S; Ng, A; Norris, RP; O'Sullivan, J; Pearce, S; Phillips, CJ; Popping, A; Qiao, RY; Reynolds, JE; Roberts, P; Sault, RJ; Schinckel, AET; Serra, P; Shaw, R; Shimwell, TW; Storey, M; Sweetnam, AW; Tzioumis, A; Westmeier, T; Whiting, M; Wilson, CD
2016Inhaled corticosteroid normalizes some but not all airway vascular remodeling in COPD.Soltani, A; Walters, EH; Reid, DW; Shukla, SD; Nowrin, K; Ward, C; Muller, HK; Sohal, SS
2012-11-01Effect of early bereavement on heart rate and heart rate variability.Buckley, T; Stannard, A; Bartrop, R; McKinley, S; Ward, C; Mihailidou, AS; Morel-Kopp, M-C; Spinaze, M; Tofler, G
2012-10Inflammatory and thrombotic changes in early bereavement: a prospective evaluation.Buckley, T; Morel-Kopp, M-C; Ward, C; Bartrop, R; McKinley, S; Mihailidou, AS; Spinaze, M; Chen, W; Tofler, G
2011-02Haemodynamic changes during early bereavement: potential contribution to increased cardiovascular risk.Buckley, T; Mihailidou, AS; Bartrop, R; McKinley, S; Ward, C; Morel-Kopp, M-C; Spinaze, M; Tofler, GH
2009-01Prospective study of early bereavement on psychological and behavioural cardiac risk factorsBuckley, T; Bartrop, R; McKinley, SM; Ward, C; Bramwell, M; Roche, D; Mihailidou, AS; Morel-Kopp, M; Spinaze, MM; Hocking, B; Goldston, K; Tennant, C; Tofler, G