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2023-03-01Low Computational Burden Model Predictive Control for Single-Phase Cascaded H-Bridge Converters Without Weighting FactorHe, T; Wu, M; Aguilera, RP; Lu, DDC; Liu, Q; Vazquez, S
2022-09-14Exploring Associations within Disease-Gene Pairs: Bibliometrics, Word Embedding, and Network AnalyticsWu, M; Zhang, Y; Li, X
2022-09-14Navigating the Trade-offs between Independence and Collaboration: A Network Analytic Method and Case StudyZhang, Y; Wu, M; Wang, X; Chen, H
2022-09-01Academic landscape of Technological Forecasting and Social Change through citation network and topic analysesKajikawa, Y; Mejia, C; Wu, M; Zhang, Y
2022-02A bibliometric review of peripartum cardiomyopathy compared to other cardiomyopathies using artificial intelligence and machine learning.Grosser, M; Lin, H; Wu, M; Zhang, Y; Tipper, S; Venter, D; Lu, J; Dos Remedios, CG
2022-01-01Different approaches of bibliometric analysis for data analytics applications in non-profit organisationsAlsolbi, I; Wu, M; Zhang, Y; Joshi, S; Sharma, M; Tafavogh, S; Sinha, A; Prasad, M
2022-01-01Explicating AI literacy of employees at digital workplacesCetindamar Kozanoglu, D; Kitto, K; Wu, M; Zhang, Y; Abedin, B; Knight, S
2022-01-01Attraction and Repulsion: Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Graph Contrastive Learning NetworkWu, M; Pan, S; Zhu, X
2022-01-01RNN-K: A Reinforced Newton Method for Consensus-Based Distributed Optimization and Control Over Multiagent Systems.Wu, M; Xiong, N; Vasilakos, AV; Leung, VCM; Chen, CLP
2022-01-01Covid-19 Knowledge Deconstruction and Retrieval: Solutions of Intelligent BibliometricsWu, M; Zhang, Y; Markley, M; Cassidy, C; Newman, N; Porter, A
2022-01-01Model Predictive Sliding Control for Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Converters With Dynamic Current Reference TrackingHe, T; Wu, M; Lu, DDC; Song, K; Zhu, J
2022Data Analytics Research in Nonprofit Organisations: A Bibliometric AnalysisAlsolbi, I; Wu, M; Zhang, Y; Tafavogh, S; Sinha, A; Prasad, M
2021-12-20Fire-Retardant, Stable-Cycling and High-Safety Sodium Ion Battery.Yang, Z; He, J; Lai, W-H; Peng, J; Liu, X-H; He, X-X; Guo, X-F; Li, L; Qiao, Y; Ma, J-M; Wu, M; Chou, S-L
2021-12-13Deep learning data augmentation for Raman spectroscopy cancer tissue classification.Wu, M; Wang, S; Pan, S; Terentis, AC; Strasswimmer, J; Zhu, X
2021-12-10Effect of sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate on hydrogen production from dark fermentation of waste activated sludge.Wu, M; Fu, Q; Huang, J; Xu, Q; Wang, D; Liu, X; Yang, J; Wu, Y; He, D; Ni, B-J; Wang, Q
2021-11-01Bi-layer network analytics: A methodology for characterizing emerging general-purpose technologiesZhang, Y; Wu, M; Miao, W; Huang, L; Lu, J
2021-10-01Unraveling the capabilities that enable digital transformation: A data-driven methodology and the case of artificial intelligenceWu, M; Cetindamar Kozanoglu, D; Chao, M; Zhang, Y
2021-10Determination of Factors Driving the Genome Editing Field in the CRISPR Era Using Bibliometrics.Huang, Y; Zhang, Y; Wu, M; Porter, A; Barrangou, R
2021-09-01OpenWGL: open-world graph learning for unseen class node classificationWu, M; Pan, S; Zhu, X
2021-06-21Ethics and privacy of artificial intelligence: Understandings from bibliometricsZhang, Y; Wu, M; Tian, GY; Zhang, G; Lu, J