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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01-24Basic Control Principles in Power Electronics: Analog and Digital Control DesignAguilera Echeverria, RP; Acuna, P; Konstantinou, G; Vazquez, S; Leon, JI; Blaabjerg, F
2016-01-01Capacitance minimization in modular multilevel converters: Using model predictive control to inject optimal circulating currents and zero-sequence voltageTownsend, CD; Aguilera, R; Acuna, P; Konstantinou, G; Pou, J; Mirzaeva, G; Goodwin, GC
2017-01-01Cascade-Free Model Predictive Control for Single-Phase Grid-Connected Power ConvertersAcuna, P; Aguilera, RP; Ghias, AMYM; Rivera, M; Baier, CR; Agelidis, VG
2020DC-Link Voltage Balancing Strategy Based on Optimal Switching Sequences Model Predictive Control for Single-Phase H-NPC ConvertersVazquez, S; Acuna, P; Aguilera, RP; Pou, J; Leon, JI; Franquelo, LG
2019-09-01Dealing with suboptimality in multistep model predictive control for transient operationsBaidya, R; Aguilera, RP; Karamanakos, P; Acuna, P; Rojas, C; Geyer, T; Lu, DDC
2017-02-16Decentralised control method for DC microgrids with improved current sharing accuracyYang, J; Jin, X; Wu, X; Acuna, P; Aguilera, RP; Morstyn, T; Agelidis, VG
2020Enabling Multistep Model Predictive Control for Transient Operation of Power ConvertersBaidya, R; Aguilera, RP; Acuna, P; Geyer, T; Delgado, RA; Quevedo, DE; Mouton, HDT
2016-12-21Fast multistep finite control set model predictive control for transient operation of power convertersBaidya, R; Aguilera, RP; Acuna, P; Delgado, R; Geyer, T; Quevedo, D; Mouton, T
2019-09-01Instantaneous Zero Sequence Voltage for Grid Energy Balancing under Unbalanced Power GenerationAguilera, RP; Acuna, P; Rojas, CA; Konstantinou, G; Pou, J
2022-04-01Latest Advances of Model Predictive Control in Electrical DrivesuPart I: Basic Concepts and Advanced StrategiesRodriguez, J; Garcia, C; Mora, A; Flores-Bahamonde, F; Acuna, P; Novak, M; Zhang, Y; Tarisciotti, L; Davari, SA; Zhang, Z; Wang, F; Norambuena, M; Dragicevic, T; Blaabjerg, F; Geyer, T; Kennel, R; Khaburi, D; Abdelrahem, M; Zhang, Z; Mijatovic, N; Aguilera, R
2016-01-01Model predictive control for DC-DC boost converters with constant switching frequencyCheng, L; Acuna, P; Aguilera, RP; Ciobotaru, M; Jiang, J
2018-10-01Model Predictive Control for DC-DC Boost Converters with Reduced-Prediction Horizon and Constant Switching FrequencyCheng, L; Acuna, P; Aguilera, RP; Jiang, J; Wei, S; Fletcher, JE; Lu, DDC
2017-04-28Model predictive control for Energy Management of a hybrid energy storage system in Light Rail VehiclesCheng, L; Acuna, P; Aguilera, RP; Jiang, J; Flecther, J; Baier, C
2016-12-01Model Predictive Control for Single-Phase NPC Converters Based on Optimal Switching SequencesVazquez, S; Aguilera, RP; Acuna, P; Pou, J; Leon, JI; Franquelo, LG; Agelidis, VG
2018-08-10Model Predictive Control of a Multi-String LCL- Type Grid-Connected H -NPC PV ConverterRojas, CA; Fletcher, J; Acuna, P; Aguilera, RP; Astorga, JP
2016-01-25Model predictive control of cascaded H-bridge inverters based on a fast-optimization algorithmAguilera, RP; Baidya, R; Acuna, P; Vazquez, S; Mouton, T; Agelidis, VG
2017-08-01Model Predictive Switching Pattern Control for Current-Source Converters with Space-Vector-Based Selective Harmonic EliminationGao, H; Wu, B; Xu, D; Aguilera, RP; Acuna, P
2018-01-01Multistep Model Predictive Control for Cascaded H-Bridge Inverters: Formulation and AnalysisBaidya, R; Aguilera, RP; Acuna, P; Vazquez, S; Du Toit Mouton, H
2019-09-01On the Impact of Transients on Multistep Model Predictive Control for Medium-Voltage DrivesAcuna, P; Rojas, CA; Baidya, R; Aguilera, RP; Fletcher, JE
2016-01-29Predictive Control algorithm to achieve power balance of Cascaded H-Bridge convertersAguilera, RP; Yu, Y; Acuna, P; Konstantinou, G; Townsend, CD; Wu, B; Agelidis, VG