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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-01The American Case Method and its Influence on Modern Legal EducationBarker, DL; Adams, M
2006-01Blurring the Lines of Environmental Responsibility: How Corporate and Public Governance was Circumvented in the Ok Tedi Mining Limited DisasterMarychurch, J; Stoianoff, NP; Adams, M; Prof Barker, D; McGolrick, S
2010-01-01Characterisation of an immunodominant, high molecular weight glycoprotein on the surface of infectious Neoparamoeba spp., causative agent of amoebic gill disease (AGD) in Atlantic salmonVillavedra, M; To, J; Lemke, S; Birch, D; Crosbie, P; Adams, M; Broady, K; Nowak, B; Raison, RL; Wallach, M
2021-06-01Does education level influence the practice profile of advanced practice nursing?Duffield, C; Gardner, G; Doubrovsky, A; Adams, M
2007-04-10Estimation of leaf area index in eucalypt forest using digital photographyMacfarlane, C; Hoffman, M; Eamus, D; Kerp, N; Higginson, S; McMurtrie, R; Adams, M
2007Estimation of leaf area index in eucalypt forest using digital photographyMacfarlane, C; Hoffman, M; Eamus, D; Kerp, N; Higginson, S; McMurtrie, R; Adams, M
2020-05-01FathomPratt, S; Marambio, C; Quigley, K; Hamylton, S; Gibbs, L; Vergés, A; Adams, M; Barcan, R; Neimanis, A
2006-01Future Needs Strikes Back? Assessing the Consequences of Contributions to De Facto RelationshipMonahan, GI; Adams, M; Barker, D; McGolrick, S
2020-12-08Interventions to increase patient and family involvement in escalation of care for acute life-threatening illness in community health and hospital settings.Mackintosh, NJ; Davis, RE; Easter, A; Rayment-Jones, H; Sevdalis, N; Wilson, S; Adams, M; Sandall, J
2022-02-03Investigation of the critical factors required to improve the disclosure and discussion of harm with affected women and families: a study protocol for a qualitative, realist study in NHS maternity services (the DISCERN study).Adams, M; Iedema, R; Heazell, AE; Treadwell, M; Booker, M; Bevan, C; Hartley, J; Sandall, J
2018Mapping workforce configuration and operational models in Australian emergency departments: a national surveyGardner, G; Gardner, A; Middleton, S; Considine, J; Fitzgerald, G; Christofis, L; Doubrovsky, A; Adams, M; O'Connell, J
2007-01The Not So Ordinary, Reasonable person or the man From Clapham Just Got Off the BusTownsley, L; Dobinson, IR; Adams, M; Barker, D; Poludniewski, K
2006-01Species Listing and Precaution Under the Environmental protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth)Dwyer, A; Adams, M; Barker, D; McGolrick, S
2023-03-27Strengthening open disclosure after incidents in maternity care: a realist synthesis of international research evidence.Adams, M; Hartley, J; Sanford, N; Heazell, AE; Iedema, R; Bevan, C; Booker, M; Treadwell, M; Sandall, J
2017-06-01The structure of nursing: a national examination of titles and practice profilesGardner, G; Duffield, C; Doubrovsky, A; Bui, UT; Adams, M