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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-02-083D printing of a pavlovaKouzani, AZ; Adams, S; Oliver, R; Nguwi, YY; Hemsley, B; Balandin, S
2017-02-093D Printing of Food for People with Swallowing DifficultiesKouzani, AZ; Adams, S; Whyte, DJ; Oliver, R; Hemsley, B; Palmer, S; Balandin, S
2022-03-01Advanced Design, Fabrication, and Applications of 3D-Printable Piezoelectric NanogeneratorsMahmud, MAP; Adhikary, P; Zolfagharian, A; Adams, S; Kaynak, A; Kouzani, AZ
2022-03-01Comparative study on the contact-separation mode triboelectric nanogeneratorHasan, S; Kouzani, AZ; Adams, S; Long, J; Mahmud, MAP
2020-04-14Evaluating the Alimentary and Respiratory Tracts in Health and disease (EARTH) research programme: a protocol for prospective, longitudinal, controlled, observational studies in children with chronic disease at an Australian tertiary paediatric hospital.Coffey, MJ; McKay, IR; Doumit, M; Chuang, S; Adams, S; Stelzer-Braid, S; Waters, SA; Kasparian, NA; Thomas, T; Jaffe, A; Katz, T; Ooi, CY
2018-04-01Increasing injuries as trampoline parks expand within Australia: a call for mandatory standardsSharwood, LN; Adams, S; Blaszkow, T; Eager, D
2019-05-15Olivia Pope: 'Fixer' of Necropolitical FalloutManganas, N; Adams, S; Kimberly R., M; Ronald L., J
2023-04Playground injury prevention: the need for consistent and national implementation of Australian safety standards.Curtis, K; Brown, J; Sharwood, LN; Risi, D; Eager, D; Holland, AJA; Beck, B; Erskine, C; Lockhart, K; Cooke, K; Adams, S; Teague, WJ; Mitchell, R
2019-11-26Reducing serious injuries within trampoline parksEager, D; Sharwood, L; Barker, R; Adams, S
2018-02-01Understanding Collective Impact in Australia: A new approach to interorganizational collaborationSalignac, F; Wilcox, T; Marjolin, A; Adams, S