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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-03-31A new approach to derive buildings footprint from light detection and ranging data using rule-based learning techniques and decision treeJifroudi, HM; Mansor, SB; Pradhan, B; Halin, AA; Ahmad, N; Abdullah, AFB
2015Band-to-band registration model for near-equatorial Earth observation satellite images with the use of automatic control point extractionDibs, H; Mansor, S; Ahmad, N; Pradhan, B
2008-05Bioavailable DDT residues in sediments: Laboratory assessment of ageing effects using semi-permeable membrane devicesMenchai, P; Van Zwieten, L; Kimber, S; Ahmad, N; Rao, PSC; Hose, G
2004-09Comparison of time-integrated pesticide concentrations determined from field-deployed passive samplers with daily river-water extractions.Hyne, RV; Pablo, F; Aistrope, M; Leonard, AW; Ahmad, N
2017-12-15Ensemble machine-learning-based geospatial approach for flood risk assessment using multi-sensor remote-sensing data and GISMojaddadi, H; Pradhan, B; Nampak, H; Ahmad, N; Ghazali, AHB
2016Evaluation of SEBAL model for Evapotranspiration mapping in Iraq using remote sensing and GISJaber, HS; Mansor, S; Pradhan, B; Ahmad, N
2014-01-01Land Use/Cover Change Detection and Urban Sprawl Analysis in Bandar Abbas City, IranDadras, M; Mohd Shafri, HZ; Ahmad, N; Pradhan, B; Safarpour, S
2001-05Off-site movement of endosulfan from irrigated cotton in New South Wales.Kennedy, IR; Sánchez-Bayo, F; Kimber, SW; Hugo, L; Ahmad, N
2016Rainfall–runoff modelling and water balance analysis for Al-Hindiyah barrage, Iraq using remote sensing and GISJaber, HS; Mansor, S; Pradhan, B; Ahmad, N
2016Soil erosion prediction based on land cover dynamics at the Semenyih watershed in Malaysia using LTM and USLE modelsRizeei, HM; Saharkhiz, MA; Pradhan, B; Ahmad, N
2022-09Therapeutic Options for the SARS-CoV-2 Virus: Is There a Key in Herbal Medicine?Sharma, N; Kulkarni, GT; Bhatt, AN; Satija, S; Singh, L; Sharma, A; Dua, K; Karwasra, R; Khan, AA; Ahmad, N; Raza, K