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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Action Research in a Project EnvironmentAlgeo, CT; Coghlan, D; Brydon-Miller, M
Jan-2008Collaboration Amongst Practitioners, Associations and Academia: a case study in practiceAlgeo, CT; Birchmore Roger
Jan-2014The Contribution of Project and Change Managers to Different Project ActivitiesPollack, JB; Algeo, CT; PMI
Jan-2013Designing Research to Understand KnowledgeAlgeo, CT; Müller, R; Söderlund, J
Mar-2014Developing Professional Project Managers: The use of practice-oriented learningAlgeo, CT; Gómez Chova, L; López Martínez, A; Candel Torres, I
Jan-2011Do You See What I See: A Project Mananger's Knowledge NightmareAlgeo, CT; -
Jan-2012Embedding Project Knowledge through Reflective PracticeAlgeo, CT; Messikomer, C; Curtis, A; Stevens, C; Maylor, H; Soderlund, J; Nogueira, JC; Combe, M; Cicmil, S; Cooke-Davies, T; Narayanan, V
28-Apr-2015Enter or Not – How to gain and sustain access to research sitesOwen, J; Algeo, CT; Connor, J; Pasian, B
Jan-2009Gender Diversity in Non-Traditional Industries - Fact or Fiction?Algeo, CT; Watt, C
Jan-2008Governing Projects Using Flexible Formal Systems (FFS)Algeo, CT; Young Bill
2014How do project managers acquire and exchange knowledge? An action research study of project managers in AustraliaAlgeo, CT
Jan-2009The Landscape of Australian Project Management ResearchOwen, J; Algeo, CT; Sense, A; Watt, C
Jan-2009Learning How to Manage Projects: exploring the situational contextAlgeo, CT; Watt, C
Jan-2011Profiling the context and opportunities for Australian project management researchSense, A; Owen, J; Algeo, CT
Jan-2010Project Field Studies: sense making on-the-jobAlgeo, CT; Bafna, S; Bell, R; Khan, K; Treasure, D
7-Jul-2014Project Governance and Applied Reflection in Evolving EnvironmentsAlgeo, CT
Jan-2008Project Management as a Profession - are we there yet?Algeo, CT; Hillam Tye
Jan-2013The challenges of managing complexity in projects: An Australian perspectiveHatcher, C; Linger, H; Owen, J; Algeo, CT
1-Jan-2014Using reflection and storytelling to inform evidence-based decisions: An action research study of Australian project managersAlgeo, CT
Jan-2013Who reports to whom? Perspectives on the reporting relationship between Project and Change ManagersPollack, JB; Algeo, CT; -