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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2008Adaptive control for nonlinearly parameterized uncertainties in robot manipulatorsHung, NVQ; Tuan, HD; Narikiyo, T; Apkarian, P
1-Sep-2004Gain-scheduled filtering for time-varying discrete systemsHoang, NT; Tuan, HD; Apkarian, P; Hosoe, S
1-Aug-2018Global optimal power flow over large-scale power transmission networksShi, Y; Tuan, HD; Apkarian, P; Savkin, AV
1-Feb-2012Globally optimized power allocation in multiple sensor fusion for linear and nonlinear networksRashid, U; Tuan, HD; Apkarian, P; Kha, HH
1-Dec-2012Jointly optimizing sensor selection and power control for nonlinear sensor networksRashid, U; Tuan, HD; Apkarian, P; Kha, HH
1-Aug-2005Low-order IIR filter bank designTuan, HD; Son, TT; Apkarian, P; Nguyen, TQ
1-Dec-2008A lyapunov variable-free KYP lemma for SISO continuous systemsHoang, HG; Tuan, HD; Apkarian, P
22-Nov-2012Multisensor data fusion in nonlinear Bayesian filteringRashid, U; Tuan, HD; Apkarian, P; Kha, HH
1-Feb-2004New Fuzzy Control Model and Dynamic Output Feedback Parallel Distributed CompensationTuan, HD; Apkarian, P; Narikiyo, T; Kanota, M
1-Dec-2017Nonconvex spectral optimization algorithms for reduced-order H<inf>∞</inf> LPV-LFT controllersShi, Y; Tuan, HD; Apkarian, P
1-Jan-2004Robust Filtering for Discrete Nonlinear Fractional Transformation SystemsHoang, NT; Tuan, HD; Apkarian, P; Hosoe, S
1-Dec-2004A spectral quadratic-SDP method with applications to fixed-order H <inf>2</inf> and H<inf>∞</inf> synthesisApkarian, P; Noll, D; Thevenet, JB; Tuan, HD