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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023A human rights-based framework for qualitative dementia research.Diaz-Gil, A; Brooke, J; Kozlowska, O; Jackson, D; Appleton, J; Pendlebury, S
2021-07Addressing obesity in the first 1000 days in high risk infants: Systematic review.Rossiter, C; Cheng, H; Appleton, J; Campbell, KJ; Denney-Wilson, E
2022-12-15Bidirectional associations between parental feeding practices, infant appetitive traits and infant BMIz: a longitudinal cohort study.Burnett, AJ; Jansen, E; Appleton, J; Rossiter, C; Fowler, C; Denney-Wilson, E; Russell, CG
2023-07-22Child sleep problems, maternal sleep and self-efficacy: Sleep's complicated role in maternal depression.Carroll, AJ; Appleton, J; Harris, KM
2014-01-01Friend or foe? An exploratory study of Australian parents' use of asynchronous discussion boards in childhood obesityAppleton, J; Fowler, C; Brown, N
-Improving Outcomes for Regional Families in the Early Years: Increasing Access to Child and Family Health Services for Regional AustraliaAppleton, J; Stockton, DA; Dickinson, M; Debono, D
2021-12-24Infant Appetitive Phenotypes: A Group-Based Multi-Trajectory AnalysisRussell, CG; Appleton, J; Burnett, AJ; Rossiter, C; Fowler, C; Denney-Wilson, E; Jansen, E
2018-01-24Infant formula feeding practices and the role of advice and support: An exploratory qualitative studyAppleton, J; Laws, R; Russell, CG; Fowler, C; Campbell, KJ; Denney-Wilson, E
2018-07-01Infant formula feeding practices associated with rapid weight gain: A systematic reviewAppleton, J; Russell, CG; Laws, R; Fowler, C; Campbell, K; Denney-Wilson, E
2022-10Informing Infant Nutrition: Timing of Infant Formula Advice, Infant Formula Choice and Preparation in the First 6 Months of Life.Appleton, J; Russell, CG; Fowler, C; Jansen, E; Burnett, AJ; Rossiter, C; Denney-Wilson, E
2024-02-13Mental health recovery in a collectivist society: Saudi consumers, carers and nurses' shared perspectives.Hawsawi, T; Appleton, J; Al-Adah, R; Al-Mutairy, A; Sinclair, P; Wilson, A
2019-01-01A mixed methods study to explore the effects of program design elements and participant characteristics on parents' engagement with an mHealth program to promote healthy infant feeding: The growing healthy programTaki, S; Russell, CG; Lymer, S; Laws, R; Campbell, K; Appleton, J; Ong, KL; Denney-Wilson, E
2017-07-04Parents’ views on childhood obesity: qualitative analysis of discussion board postingsAppleton, J; Fowler, C; Brown, N
2021-01-19The Feeding Practices and Structure Questionnaire: development and validation of age appropriate versions for infants and toddlersJansen, E; Russell, CG; Appleton, J; Byrne, R; Daniels, LA; Fowler, C; Rossiter, C; Mallan, KM
2019-01-01Using local communities to establish geographical boundaries for case studiesBosley, H; Appleton, J; Henshall, C; Jackson, D